Entrepreneur calls on govt to encourage local content

Sarauniya Usman Abuja

The Chief Executive Officer of Bloom, a transportation solutions app, Mr Jasper Ogbonna, has called on government to put more effort in encourage local content in Nigeria.

Ogbonna made this call during the official launch and unveiling of the Bloomrydes Sharing Application Brand on Monday in Abuja.

He said the government should encourage local content especially applications generated by youths in the country.

According to him, this will help the government to realise it’s plan of taking 100 million Nigerians out of poverty especially the huge number of unemployed youths.

Ogbonna said the Bloom brand is a Nigeria brand with 100 per cent local content, developed by regular young Nigerians.

He also stated that the aim was to improve the lives of millions of commuters across the country the country who piled on the roads on a daily basis for various socio-economic interaction.

He explained that said the “bloom brand “ as a result of painstaking research due to the transportation Challenges in Nigeria from inadequate public transportation systems to road congestion and inter state travel.

“The app is to proffer solution by given access to a decent comfort and convenient ride for commuters and make additional income with reasonable transportation charges for drivers.

“Increase the commercial enterprise to all users of bloom platform and the driver keeps 100 percent of income they make on the platform.

“More importantly, the use of our platform for regular interstate or intra-city transport services will give
Nigerians access to safe, comfortable and convenient ridesharing experiences in cars that are inspected.

“The company’s goal is to promote traveling as a social enterprise thereby connecting commuters to commercial and networking opportunities that will boost their businesses and increase their earning power while on the go.” Ogbonna said.

Chairman of the company, Mr Desmond Ajilu, in his remarks reiterated the need for government to promote local content especially those that could address critical challenges faced by the country.

He also called on all Nigerians to patronise the brand to encourage more ingenuity from the youths adding that it would help generate employment and wealth for those that use it.

“This will bring about great growth and will be a multiplier economic impact, we want all persons to be engaged.

“We can expand your capacity to grow more and it will bring local and international recognition if this type of brand is patronised by citizens and promoted by government agencies.


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