ICT Will Improve Girlchild Education,says CITAD

The Centre for Information and Technology Development, CITAD, said improving the girlchild education and the use of ICT can go a long way in bringing development in the local communities.

The Sponsorship Officer,CITAD, Mubarak Ekute, made this known during a mentoring session at kwali Area Council Tungan Ashere,Tunga Nasara and Leleyi gwari community with the hope of empowering the girlchild through ICT to help her achieve success in education.

Mubarak said,ICT plays an important role in students evaluation.it motivate students and to develop interest in learning.”
It also enhance communication by bridging the gap between teachers and students”.

The Sponsorship Officers, encouraged the members of the community to embrace ICT and use the opportunity to improve upon themselves, noting that with the knowledge of ICT there’s nothing that can’t be achieve through it.

“Looking at the world today it is fast becoming a world global village through ICT, the idea behind this programme was to use the opportunity to give a mentoring section to the stakeholders that has something to do education”.

“We are currently running an Advocacy campaign with the theme,”TAKE BACK THE TAKE”, gared towards encouraging the girlchild on her right to speak up for herself”.

Programme Officer, Abuja Office CITAD,Salma Abdulwaheed who lead the team said, the use of ICT can help the girlchild leverage on so many opportunities on the internet for learning and solving classroom assignment enhance her learning capacity.

The Village Head,Tunga Ashere,under Jiwa Chiefdoom, Sani Yakubu and one of the beneficiaries of ICT,said, children without education today is a risk.

Sani who listed some of the challenges the community is faced with expressed concern over the absence of health care centre and learning centre in the community.

He said though the fact chairman has approved primary school, but that the three block classrooms will not contained the over ninty six students and the school head.

He therefore appealed for another additional classrooms to be constructed to accommodate the growing number of students in the community.

On accessing health care centre, he said,it is a major challenge, saying that alot of children have been lost due to difficulty in accessing health care centre close to the community.

On the success story on ICT, he said the establishment of ICT in the community has helped shaped him and has boost his business as well.

“Most of us are predominately farmers,in the past we usually go far to get our farm produce sold but now with the knowledge we have acquired we have been able to advertise our products and with that people from the market now follow us to our community to buy our farm produce, is a huge success”.

The Women Leader,Hauwa Yakubu, said ICT is a blessing, because it has increase the learning of our children; in the past there was no school but now there’s school and the ICT centre has played a great role in the life of our children and community.

We don’t want our children to be like us.
We didn’t have such opportunity to go to school,in the past even if you have the interest, your father won’t allow you to. But now we are wiser,we want what will bring development to our community and to help our children excel in their education.

The Head Master, Martin’s Zanyi, complained that there’s no enough facility for a condusive learning environment for the pupils.

He said,lack of enough school facilities is a major challenge, he therefore appealed for more classrooms,seats to enhance the learning condition of the pupils.


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