Group Congratulates State Governors On Their Victory At Supreme Court

The Governors’ Mandate has congratulated all the state governors on their victory at the Supreme Court.

The Chairman of the mandate, Earl Osaro Onaiwu, in a statement, urged the governors to be magnanimous in victory.

He also urged the losers to join hands with the governors to work and develop their various states, adding that there is more to be gained than setting the state on fire over issues that are less important.

The Governors’ Mandate Chairman noted that the only way the nation can move forward is when governors are working without distraction, noting that distraction will only set the states backward and by extension the nation.

He said there is more to be gained when the people join hands together to pursue a common objective of developing the state.

He said: “Elections have come and gone, even the court cases are over. What the electorates need now is development. They want to see the divided of democracy and the only way these their demands can be achieved is for the governors to concentrate and without that, the governors lose focus.

“I will like to appeal to those who lost at the Polling units and the courts to join hands with the winners to move their states forward instead of doing things that would distract the governors.”

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