Abuja Based Journalists Escape Death, As Police Disperse Protesters

Two Abuja based journalists known as Chinedu Echianu and Ojay Matthew, from Vision FM 92.1, Abuja escaped death when they were on an official assignment to cover the Revolution Now protest.

This occurred as they approached the Unity fountain axis in Abuja, which was known as the starting point of the protest, but in a sudden reaction, the Police dispersed the Revolution Now protesters and also descended on the pro- government protesters who were shouting slogans in favour of President Muhammadu Buhari led APC government of Nigeria.

Chinedu Echianu said that they ran into the police as they tried to disperse the crowd that gathered at Unity fountain at the heart of Abuja, surprisingly, they were two sets of protesters – one against the government and the other one, a pro- government protesters.

“The Police having dispersed the Revolution Now protesters earlier in the day, also saw another group converging and without knowing their mission, descended on them to disperse them,” Echianu said

“We were caught in between the Police and the protesters as we drove towards the Unity fountain. The police officers were very forceful as they attacked the car we drove in, shattered the backscreen of the vehicle with the butt of their guns.

“There was commotion everywhere as we ran for the safety of our lives.
Many of the protesters despite chanting pro – government slogans were arrested, put inside police trucks and they drove off” he explained further

“They ransacked our vehicle. Damaged it. Opened the boot and took the camera inside the boot.

“It was a nasty experience, very frightening with the show of force exhibited by the security officers at the scene of the event.

“Even protesters shouting sai Baba were seriously beaten by the security officers in Abuja. There was confusion everywhere.

“They were gun shots everywhere. We had to run for our dear lives, praying not to be hit by any bullets and thank God we survived, but it very a frightening experience,” he concluded.

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