In trying times like this, giving the responsibility of leadership is tasking to a leader, so stretching that a leader will go the extra mile to deliver democracy dividends. Things were stagnant seven months ago when Hon Chika OKOROIKE was appointed the interim management committee chairman of Isiala Mbano LGA. The people of the LGA looked up to him with undivided attention.

Considering the age of the chairman and coming from a star studded local government with political heavy weights, the announcement of his name among the Interim committee chairmen was greeted with fear and depression. People of the local Government expected poor delivery but only time will tell.

Imbued with knack for uprightness and pragmatic approach to issues, he swung into action to douse the incessant problem plaguing Orie Amaraku park. He set a committee to look into the immediate and remote causes of the problems with a view to finding lasting solutions. Today elusive peace is returning in the market community.

To fight the Covid – 19 pandemic from all departments, he constituted a Covid – 19 intervention committee headed by a professor of note, professor Ogbuji. Combining Government palliatives and the ones his goodwill attracted, the local government witnessed the sharing of a sea of palliatives more often than not.

Related to the above was his setting up a 12man ward to ward covid – 19 monitoring media team to report all matters relating to the pandemic. It was a huge feet as the local government recorded no death in all these turbulent days of the spread of the scourge.

His “Back To Farm” replication which was an offshoot of the project of the Governor is more felt than imagined. He capped his dream by choosing an experienced Doctor of agriculture to be at the helm. One of the demonstration farmers, Mrs Peculiar Onyebuchi made public her raking in the sum of fifty thousand Naira in the first batch water melon harvest.

He embarked on a very ambitious project for the youths in a departure from the past. He invited a prominent Nigerian an ex arsenal player, Kanu Nwankwo to Kickstart a football talent hunt. This singular act opened the young talents in the local government to soccer scouts. His aide on sports, Mr Nature , is busy organizing a soon to start soccer Fiesta.

He went a step further to commence the rehabilitation of Mbeke badly damaged road as part of palliative measures. Right now the road is motorable.

Security which was a nightmare before his ascending the seat recorded major breakthroughs. Then people in Osuh area of the local government slept with one eye open. The efforts of the chairman and security operatives paid off and many of the notorious kidnappers were apprehended.

The secretariat of the local government is now wearing a new face. Evangelist Chika OKOROIKE is busy giving the local government a facelift. Work is ongoing and uninterrupted.

The role of ICT cannot not be overemphasized. These were the reasons the IMC chairman has authorized the completion of the perimeter fencing of the ICT center for its smooth takeoff.

Recently Prince Chika OKOROIKE embarked on a working visit to all the wards to hobnob with the president Generals (male and female) and youth leaders. He welcomed them as part and parcel of government. This is a bold step to take governance to the GRASSROOT.

Just a few streamlined and many more in the bag, one can simply conclude that the man is truly an evangelist. He is Godsent.

Let him live longer to allow God’s work through him to manifest . Happy birthday Hon Chika OKOROIKE.

Julius Enemaku (aka Julius Prudence) is a media practitioner and social commentator.

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