89 Medical Doctors Discovered Illegally On Payroll Of Bauchi Govt

Segun Babatunde in Bauchi

The Bauchi State Government has disclosed that about 89 medical doctors have been discovered to be illegally on the payroll of the state government while they are employed elsewhere.

This was disclosed by the Commissioner of Works, Alhaji Abdulkadir Ibrahim while briefing newsmen on the outcome of the weekly State Executive Council (SEC) meeting held yesterday at the Banquet Hall of the Government House, Bauchi.

According to him, the discovery was made by the verification exercise conducted by the government in its resolve to know the actual number of the workers on its payroll, adding that a cabal has hijacked the payroll of the government siphoning the purse.

“The annoying thing is that these medical doctors were trained with the resources of the government but they chose to work elsewhere, yet, they are illegally taking money that is supposed to be used for others, that is unfair”

” There was a discovery of one person who was drawing salaries from the local government, (LEA) as well as the state government while another person’s account was used by the cabal to take the sum of N2m monthly without him knowing.No level of intimidation and name-calling will stop the government from the implementation of the civil service reforms as no one is marked out for victimisation by the exercise” he said

The Commissioner said that after exhaustive debate, the Council has approved the construction of two township roads totalling 4.2 km in Bauchi metropolis at the cost of N828m, adding that the Central Market roundabout to Kofar-Dumi through Gwongwon as well as the Malam-Goje to Mudal Lawal market through Bakin Kura to ease traffic Flow within the metropolis.

He said that over N272m has been paid as compensation to all property owners in the affected areas stressing that the present administration is ensuring that immediately an area is identified to be used for a project, assessment and valuation are made for appropriate compensation.

The Commissioner then assured that the government will continue to serve the people by embarking on developmental projects needed for expansion and good governance. END

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