Bauchi Farmers Encouraged To Use Seasonal Rainfall Predictions

Segun Babatunde in Bauchi

The Human and Environmental Development Agenda (HEDA) in collaboration with Nigerian Meteorological Agency(NIMet) and Oxfam Nigeria has stressed the need for Nigeria Farmers to use the annual Seasonal Rainfall Predictions produced by NIMet towards mitigating the problems arising from the difficulty in planning farming activities by weather nuances.

This is the outcome of the 2020 Seasonal Rainfall Predictions (SRP)Step Down for farmers in Bauchi State facilitated by the State chapter of the Association of Small – scale Agro Producers in Nigeria (ASSAPIN) held yesterday at the Conference hall of BSADP, Bauchi.

In an opening remarks, the State President of ASSAPIN, Hajiya Amina Bala Jibrin emphasized that timely, reliable and useful climate information and early warning is critical to agriculture production and livelihood protection for millions of farmers in the country.

“As am talking to you now,this step down training is going on for farming communities in Adamawa, Bauchi and Plateau states to enable farmers acquaint themselves with the seasonal rainfall predictions to equip them in crop selection,know the rainfall pattern, know the crops that will thrive well in their areas for better yield,among others”, she explained.

According to her “NIMet if given the required collaboration and support from appropriate federal and state levels,Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) as well as local and international non- state actors will adapt and step down these data to various stakeholders, especially in the agriculture sector across the country”.

In a lecture delivered at the Step down training, a consultant Agriculturalist,Mr Suwm Waje Rimbas said in some instances,the extreme weather has sparked an increased interest in climate change, and this is because of its impact on farm production which according to him ” has forced a growing number of farmers to change how they farm to be more resilient to climate change “.

Mr. Rimbas emphasized that using the seasonal rainfall predictions help farmers plan their agricultural activities and protect their crops when hazardous weather is forecast

He expressed concern that small scale farmers responsible for for the bulk of agriculture are vulnerable to changing weather patterns, and therefore called for measures to build up climate resilience that can enable them to withstand climate change while maintaining agricultural productivity.
The consultant told the participants to use the seasonal rainfall predictions to help them choose crop varieties that are optimal for the upcoming growth season saying that weather advisory system will help to support farmers to make weather – optimised decisions during farming seasons. END

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