The Ogun State Leader of the Action Alliance (AA) party, Hon Dapo Adeyemi has said that era of imposing candidates on the people is no longer fashionable.
Hon Adeyemi who stated this in his opening speech at the just concluded state Congress of the party whereby executives of the party in the state emerged, maintained that imposition of the candidates is a thing of the past in the party.
The Ogun State leader of Action Alliance AA Ogun State Hon. Dapo Adeyemi at the just concluded Action Alliance Ogun State Congress, “the era of imposing Candidates is a thing of the past as we have Candidates for our state congress whom are popular and understand the challenges facing us as we kick start the process that will produce the leadership that will produce the Government that will be the panacea to all of our issues”.
The State Leader Hon Dapo Adeyemi however, promised that Action Alliance Ogun State will learn from the Examples and mistakes of all leaders in the past to create a Government that will truly deliver on its mandate when the time comes as there would be no imposition of Candidates when the time for election congress takes place.
He wished all the executive members of the Ogun State Action Alliance the very best and charged them to give their all as we move to introduce and market the Party to our fellow citizens here in Ogun State.

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