Bauchi Gov Swears- in New Acting Grand Khadi, Promises To Reinforce Capacities Of Sharia Courts

Segun Babatunde in Bauchi

The Bauchi State Governor, Senator Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed has reiterated the commitment of his administration to reinforce the capacities of the Sharia courts and grand Khadis in the state, so that they can enforce discipline, reward and punishment as they have been perceived to be toothless bulldogs.

Governor Mohammed stated this during the weekend, when he swore in the new Acting Grand Khadi, held at the Goverment House, Bauchi.

According to the Governor, the judiciary has come to stay as it is the last hope of the common man because of the dispensation of justice, pointing out that a lot of criminal activities usually take place at the rural areas which needs the help of the judiciary to restore peace, security and tranquility in those areas.

“I must congratulate the Chief Judge of Bauchi state for doing things with justice and equity.I have never seen my brother before, that is the acting grand Khadi, neither have i seen the one before him, but we follow procedures and I believe that you were able to entrench due process, justice, equity and succession plan.There could be people closer to me than Khadi Umar, but he is the most suited, fitted and selected on due process”

“Khadi Umar is carrying a big task on his head, so we expecting him to bring the implementation of Sharia doctrine into play in such a manner that it will have a salutary effect on Bauchi state.We need the peace, we need the enforcement of reward and punishment, but I must say I am disappointed with our other leg, that is the Sharia and the grand Khadis, they have not been having the teeth to bite.They must be able to do it in such a manner, that they will be the hope, to enforce discipline because they have all it takes” he said

The Governor lamented that there was a lot of corruption taking place at the smaller Sharia courts in the state, particularly at the rural areas where a lot of people are exposed to the challenges of life, calling on the new grand Khadi to make a difference as government was ready to give him all the support. END

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