. The chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on public Account, Hon Oluwole Oke has advocated for a Balanced Education that would help the government solve some of the problems presently affecting the country.

Just as he promised to establish a scholarship scheme for 2, 000 youths and young adults to enroll for Entrepreneurship and Skills Acquisition programmes at the University at no cost to them and their parents. He stated

Hon Oluwole Oke stated this today while reading his acceptance speech at the occasion of the conferment of an honorary doctorate degree in public administration on him by the board of trustees and governing council of the Senate of Joseph Babalola University.

According to him, “Balanced education will also help us build a generation that holds uhto spiritual and godly values, while at the same time, becoming hlgh flyers in their chosen helds of endeavor”.

“We must therefore focus on designing our curriculum and programmes to meet these core areas of human, national and global needs. I have therefore refocused my educational interventionist efforts in 2021 and beyond to promoting balanced education”, he stated.

He said, ” Ihave deliberately used the phrase balanced education because we must focus on developing the total man, not just building a knowledgeable generation but lacking in skills. This will create frustration like we have today, where graduates cannot find jobs and
are not skilled enough to start a business, which in turn will create jobs”.

“I have followed the rise and trajectory of JABU since 2006, and I can attest to the fact that your educational focus evidently promotes balanced education and is dedicated to building robust global citizens.

I have therefore decided to support your track record of success. Hence, I will be donating a 1000 capacity lecture theatre, which will be delivered within a 24 months period.

Today is a very special day for me and as usual, I will start by giving praise to the Almighty God for his great love, care, grace and mercy towards me. I am a product of God’s divine mercy, faithfulness and love.

I must also thank the Board of Trustees, Governing Council and the Senate of this great institution of learning and spiritual formation, J oseph Ayo Babalola University, for finding me worthy of such great honour and to have invited me for the honour of receiving a Doctor of Public Administration (Honoris Causa) degree. May the Almighty God continue to make you an example of Godliness, integrity, industry and a light to all nations.

My life has from the cradle revolved around education. My father and mother were teachers and greatly loved knowledge and learning, hence, the ensured that above all, they transferred that love for education to me. For them, education was a call, to which they graciously answered. The profession and calling meant that they had to travel the length and breadth of N igeria to shape the hearts and

The occasion was attended by cream de la cream, politicians, notable individuals in Odun State and friends and colleagues of the lawmaker who felt honoured by the level of attendance.

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