Matawalle Statement Confirms APC Is Behind Insecurity, Says PDP

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has said that the confession by Zamfara State governor, Bello Matawalle, that he joined the All Progressives Congress (APC) in order to get the Federal Government to end insecurity in his state, reinforces public stance that the APC and its government are responsible for the banditry, terrorism and kidnapping ravaging that state.

Governor Matawalle, in statement stated that now that he has finally joined the APC, he will “have the full backing of the Federal Government to fight insecurity”, further exposed that the APC was never committed to fighting insecurity but apparently fueling it for political gains.

The statement by Governor Matawalle further confirmed that the APC has been promoting insecurity particularly terrorism and kidnapping for ransom, in various parts of the country as a way to create an emergency situation to cover their atrocities, siphon public funds as well as intimidate and coerce state governors elected on the platform of other political parties to join their fold.

The PDP recalled how Governor Matawalle had been under pressure by the APC-led Federal Government with the imposition of no flight as well as threats of state of emergency in the state.

Nigerians now know those behind the violent abductions, kidnapping and other acts of terrorism in the state and other parts of the country as well as why the situation has continued to escalate under the APC.

It is indeed atrocious and most unpardonable that the APC is using the blood of innocent and helpless Nigerians for its political gains as well as to create a gory merchandise for its leaders and cronies.

PDP believed that by this confession, it is therefore clear that Governor Matawalle did not defect to the APC because the Party has any democratic credential as erroneously claimed by the APC national leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, but only surrendered to intimidation and cowardly joined those behind the killings and acts of violence in Nigeria.

Of course, the APC, as a party of political bandits, does not have any democratic credential to attract well-meaning and patriotic Nigerians.

Governor Matawalle must however note that joining such individuals, who have brought so much anguish and pain to his people, is an unpardonable act of betrayal which will continue to act as an albatross particularly against the backdrop of his own vows.

On the reclaiming of the governorship mandate, the PDP described Matawalle’s boast as the feeble kick of a disoriented and confused deserter, stressing that the 1999 Constitution (as amended) is clear on the responsibilities of a deputy governor that finds himself under an absconding governor like Matawalle.

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