FCT women make brisk business roasting corn

Some women in Abuja are now smiling and rejoicing due to the reigning business of the season.

The sale of corn has become a money spinner for some women within the territory.

A cross section of women in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) said that corn business was quite lucrative this rainy season and had become a means of livelihood for them.

According to the women, corn business has become profitable and an opportunity for them to make money.

“Corn has become one of the most common small capital businesses to venture into, especially during the rainy season,” most of them said.

Corn sellers cook or roast corn for the delight of their customers, depending on the one that suits their taste.

Mrs Grace Yahaya, a resident of Apo community, who sells boiled corn said that she smiled to the bank from her corn business everyday.

“Before I started this corn business, I was selling Kunu Aya (Tiger nuts beverage), until a friend introduced me to the business.

“Ever since I started the business, it has been more profitable than my Kunu Aya business.

”My daily contribution (ajo) this season has doubled, by the time school resumes, i will be able to assist in paying the fees of my children,” she said.

Yahaya also said that she does the corn business in the rainy season after which she returns to her Kunu Aya business.

“I only do the corn business in the rainy season and after that I return to my usual Kunu business, because I cannot stay idle.

”I make about N3,000 to N5,000 naira daily as against N1500 to N2000 I make from the Kunu Aya business, before I used to make N500 daily contribution but now I make N2000,” she said.

Mrs Godiya Yakubu, a resident of Dogongada community, said corn business was part-time for her.

“Corn business is a sub-business for me. I look forward to rainy season to start the business because it gives me quick money to support my family.

In her words, ”I wait anxiously for this season. I put my groundnut business on hold, to start the corn business.

”’Since I am into corn farming. It is more profitable to harvest, cook and sell, after which I go back to my business,” she said.

Another corn seller, Mrs Theresa Stephen, a housewife in Galadimawa community, said that corn business was the only business she could do.

“Corn business is the only business I do, because it is only during the rainy season.

“I prepare for it, as I plant the maize early and wait for the harvest to start my business.

“After the season, I start planning for another planting season,” she said.

It was also observed that corn business was not done by women only, as some men also roast and sell corn along the road in the nation’s capital.

Abubakar Musa, a corn seller, along the Airport Road, said that he sold corn in all seasons.

“I sell corn in rainy and dry seasons and the business is very profitable.

“I get my corn from Gada-biu, so whether dry or rainy season my business goes on smoothly,”

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