Ñass Retirees Cry Out For Help Over Pension Non Payment

Irregular remittance of money deducted by the National Assembly management to the Pension Fund Administrator and non challartant attitude is taking tolls on the suffering retired staff of National Assembly who could not meet their financial obligations since they left.

About 150 staff of National Assembly were retired same day including senior officers up to the director level and since they left the service nothing has been given to them from National Assembly and also from the pension companies.

One of the retirees who spoke with our correspondent expressed concern why the management is treating them like this, stating that since they left service they are yet to receive a dime and this is causing a lot of hardship.

A Pension Fund Administrator is a company licensed by the National Pension Commission to manage and invest the fund deducted while in service. The main function of the PFA are to open Retirement Savings Account for employees.

It was discovered that for a period of two years now, some of the staff retired from the service of National Assembly are yet to receive their retirement benefits thereby creating financial problem for those individuals who served the nation diligently for 35 years.

While those who could not cope after retirement had suffered and died while some are managing bad health condition through begging from families and friends for survival.

It was also revealed that management of National Assembly have not been regular in remitting deductions to various pension companies which would equip them to pay what is due to individual retirees.

It was also discover that recently that some of the pension companies organised meetings with the management of National Assembly on how best to resolve the issue of pension but turned down the offer

Efforts to meet with the management of National Assembly is yet to yield fruitful results as to ascertain the level of compliance with the PFA rules and regulations.

It was discovered that the pension companies due to the development will not be able to meet the request of the National Assembly retirees on when they would be paid.

Since they retired from the services of National Assembly, they are yet to receive a dime in form of gratuity or pension.

When contacted to react to the story, Austin Adesoro, Special Adviser to the Clerk to National Assembly said,
“It’s unfortunate you chose the line of blackmail in journalism and above all against your own brother. Am taken aback with the outcome of my investigation that you could go this extent. Call the director of information for any response on pension pls”.

The director of information, Comrade Agada when contacted explained that no retiree of National Assembly that would not be paid and that efforts are on through the pension companies to ensure that Nass pensioners start receiving their pay, that is due course all of them would have course to smile.

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