The charm Ojo- Lanre used on guests for daughter’s wedding attendance

Yes! In his epic album “Trench-Town Rock” Bob Nesta Marley hollered repeatedly: “You reap what you sow”, an averment which we must all agree is a truism. A corrolary, saying that Wale Ojo-Lanre’s family wedding event was graced by the eminent presence of a galaxy of VIPs, royal fathers, social buffs, media gurus, stars in entertainment industry etc isn’t an exaggeration. Wale obviously reaped what he had sown for decades.

Not even the palpable fear across the nation on the spate of insecurity could prevent his teeming friends and well wishers from honouring his invitation! Many were eager to honour a man with unbridled penchant for supporting others in their hours of needs! Wale’s knack to support good causes without counting costs is legendary. Vox populi, vox dei.

Sitting innocently and silently on one of the exquisitely festooned tables with array of flowers, I eavesdropped warm commentaries from unsuspecting guests. It was either a guest talking about how Wale helped so many people during his tenure as NUJ Chairman; or how he assisted many friends when he served as media aid to a former governor.

Other guest eloquently talked about the impact he had made on Ekiti State tourism project and the novelties of his ideas even before his present appointment as special assistant to the present state governor. Another one enthused: “he is blessed with native sense. “Kìí f’ojú pàniyàn ré” – meaning he is never snobbish. While most people often become jealous of others’ achievements, Wale often rejoices; and can dispense all his energy and resources towards making others happy. May God bless the couple and the families. What a man of valour and enviable virtues! May God continue to nourish his philanthropic heart

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