Diasporan Nigerians Seek Release Of Ighoho

Some Nigerians in diaspora have sought for the release of Mr Sunday Adeyemi, popularly known as Sunday Igboho from detention in Benin Republic.

Mr Toyin Dawodu, a Nigerian- American Philanthropist and human rights promoter, spoke on behalf of others during a zoom news conference

Dawodu said that justice and liberty of Nigerians should be paramount to all, hence the need for igboho’s release.

According to him, this briefing is intended to put pressure on the authorities of Republic of Benin to unconditionally release Sunday Igboho.

“ I believe that Sunday Igboho has not committed any offence by being an agitator for fairness and security for the Yoruba people of Nigeria.

“ There is currently no law that is against a man’s call for justice for his people.

“Therefore, I make this demand on behalf of many Africans in diaspora, particularly of Yoruba origin and all persons who detest injustice and oppression, that the Republic of Benin must immediately release Sunday Igboho unconditionally,” he said.

Dawodu further said that Igboho should not be handed for torture or dehumanize in whatsoever way.

He added that his agitation was in line with the principle of law hence in tandem with the international law principle.

“The Republic of Benin must allow Sunday Igboho, after his unconditional release, to exercise his right to freedom of movement and to that extent be free to travel out of the Republic of Benin to any country of his choice.

“ It must clear to the authorities of Republic of Benin that the above demands are not mere wishes or whimsicalities as there is a strong network across the world that is prepared to visit serious economic sanctions on it as a country.

“ The Beninese authorities forget that indeed 80% of its revenue as a country, in the last 60 years, have come from imports made by Nigerians through the Idiroko-Abeokuta border trades.

“Republic of Benin must realise that Sunday Igboho is an extremely popular figure among the Yoruba people of Nigeria, and they have been the ones principally engaged in the border trades which have greatly enriched the Republic of Benin.

“Therefore, the Republic of Benin must tread carefully not to offend the Yoruba people, or else, the consequences of a trade embargo imposed by the Yoruba people against the Republic of Benin will spell an economic disaster to it as a country,” he said.

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