Group Backs Mu’azu’s Presidential Ambition

From: Segun Babatunde in Bauchi

Coalition of North east Young technocrats for good good governance has called on a former Governor of BauchiState Alhaji Ahmadu Adamu Mu’azu, to contest the position of the president in 2023.

The group argued that the former governor of Bauchi State, with his vast experience abd performance has what it takes to unite the country and grow the economy.

The National Coordinator, of the group Dr Mohammed Abdullahi and Secretary General, Mr Solomon Davidjnr said in a statement distributed to reporters in Bauchi Tuesday, the coalition said it would continue to canvass for more members and keep enlightening people on the antecedents of Mu’azu and his exemplary leadership style.

According to the statement, “Nigeria is very blessed with intelligent men and women of goodwill which had continually produced eminent figures such as Ahmadu Mu’azu, an eminent personality and the, past National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is top among equals whose track records in unifying this nation is of note and whom we believe is eminently qualified to lead this nation given all the needed support by stakeholders.

“He is fit for the highest office at this time and needed to be brought on board to lead the unification struggle to keep Nigeria growing as one given the agreement that this country needed to grow and remain a united nation for the greatest happiness of the citizens and overall development of the nation.

“Mu’azu a man with laudable achievements, and good track record is no doubt the person that would be mostly acceptable to the northern and southern elites and the people in general considering his laudable achievements in various aspects of life.

“He has not retired but should now be beckoned unto to come onboard in order to refire the national clout that could further cement and bond Nigeria together as one beyond 2023.

“To this end in our own genuine view of Nation building, a man of good will in person of Ahmadu Mu’azu should be given the chance as his pedigree and records in national politics speaks volumes. Let’s embark on a journey to grow our dear country and give one Nigeria another chance in 2023 by considering a man of strong will Ahmadu Mu’azu”

The statement added that , “In all the places he worked he has proven his worth through hard work and his giant stride in developing Bauchi State when he was a Governor for eight years was attested by all ,even today his legacy projects are the projects that makes the state a model.,his performance when he was in NIMASA and other places he worked proved that he is a result oriented leader that executed quality projects through hard work and transparency”.

They also pointed out that “He is a detribalised Nigerian, aquintessential leader per excellence who has friends across the 36 states of the federation, who generosity, just and fairness touch and improve the living standard of not only a common man but all human beings that comes across him”

“He has the integrity, honesty and zeal to address corruption and subsequently combat injustice, marginalisation, insecurity, poverty ethnicity and many societal ills bedeviling the country,in fact Muazi will make Nigeria a better place to live”, they concluded.

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