All women including my mother are idiots? Yes

Forget that I hug my mum
Here in this picture
This is just what you called fake, eye service, pretentious and paparazzi effect.
Inside me I hate her being,
not her personality
I regretted the day she was formed like a lady
All women including my mum are idiots?
I swear by this
Honestly, this is my personal opinion
It may not augur well with you
And because of this
I hate nature
I hate the order of creation

Which created a being called a man
And a sub – being called – Woman.
Honestly, I hate womanhood!
Thunder will strike you dead!
For me to be a woman? I rejected it in Jesus’ name!
Holy Ghost Fire!!
Thunderstrike you dead
I prefer to be a tyre, stone, wood and any useless things
Then to be a woman

Womanhood? I hate you
I cannot and will not be a woman
Look at this picture
Do you see what I am seeing
Check it once more
How many sense controls going on
Within that fragile, fair skin lean lady How many things entities calling for her
Look at this more
And you are proposing that I should be a woman?
Ko-Jo rara
Whenever I tell people that women
Are far more superior to men
They always see me as being henpecked
They call me women wrapper
And I used to point it out
From the Biblical narration
That we men are made of sands
You know this
It is not my creation.
But in your Bible
Thus, our fickle mindedness
Our cheap heart
Which dissolves under light pressure
Our inability to keep secrets and be dispassionate
Our manipulable heart and soul by women
Women! I fear there
Respect the
The brood who were built with bones
Ones that have been horned by men
Thus acquiring inelasticity intolerance
Passion, affectionate, agrarian hardworking spirit, ferocious in brutality
Solid in fate.
Thus, they are beasts of burdens
While men are mere dump souls
Father, masculinists, chauvinistic
For 9 months nurture the womb
Throughout the better part of their life
Manager a monthly visitor
Raise the child day and night
While the men snore away
Monitor the child
Wake up early to do the domestic runs
School runs included
Am I making sense to you guys
A little test comes up
Kindly list your work schedule at home
Between the hours of 5 am – 8 am every day
Compare it to that of your wife
Combine it all to the real management of the home, menstrual circle, pregnancy, pains of delivery, weaning and raising a child
The prayers and curses which a typical woman is subjected
You will not only see the women as the best, the most superior and most awesome

You will see why you should pamper, appreciate comfort, love and cherish them
You will also see the need to beg God for forgiveness for maltreatment, disgrace and humiliating your wife or women
But also see the reason why I cannot come back as a woman
For, I don’t think I have or can have the template, temperament, vigour, tolerance and humongous and robust sense of responsibility and diligence of a woman
Women, I adore the
I awe thee both at day and dead of the night
I reverence thee in the void of time
I pity those who think you are weak
I pity those who do not realise that
You are the strong, the stronger and the stronger
I thank God for you being an essence in the firmament
Women I will not offend thee
And I will never be there
Lastly, look at this picture again
Then you realise why all women are not yeye
You realize why I hate womanhood
May God bless all women
Happy Celebration of Wonen’s Day
Okun oo Mopelola
My great mum .
And Moyo , my dearest wife
……. Good day
Ambassador Wale Ojo- Lanre

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