Tunde Lawal, Chairman, Dasluxury Paints bags two awards in four weeks.

The axiom ‘ Do it well anything you do. As one day your labour will be acknowledged, noticed rewarded and commended ‘ has come home to roost for Engineer Tunde Lawal, President Brail Construction International Company and Chairman, Dasluxury Paints Limited.

Engineer Lawal, the Obafemi Awolowo University , Ile- Ife , Osun State , Nigeria trained civil engineer is one of the few professional engineers in the construction industry in Nigeria who have injected professionalism, expertise, experience, honesty and sincerity of purpose in adding value to contracts and constructions engagements hauled on their shoulders.
Engineer Lawal has to his credit the construction of the medical complex in Bishop Oyedepo Christian City in Ota, which the no-nonsense divine man of God cherish and always showcases to friends and congregants as exemplary work of an indigenous contractor.
And you know what it means for men of rare integrity and awesome divine calling like Bishop Oyedepo vouching for a man!.

The problem of Engineer Lawal is his inability to execute sub-standard , low quality and below the benchmark of excellent jobs not only out of the fear of God but also for the safety of his name and users.
Once he signs a contract, Engineer Tunde Lawal has a tradition of excellence of not only executing to details and precision but ensuring the injection of contemporary articles and items which might have been overlooked at the conception state
His concern is the delivery of an excellent first-rate standard project which will not only be executed according to the desire of his client but one that will beat his imagination and stand the test of time.

Unlike some contractors who are only interested in servicing the client for his money and worth, Engineer Tunde Lawal is not only interested in the client’s project and money but much after in the client’s well-doing and smooth relationship after project execution
He is one of the very few contractors who through almost two decades in the construction industry have no legal tangle with any of his clients and none of his projects executed has recorded any ‘ come back to amend or fix or adjust ‘
His ability to deliver first-class projects timely and promptly without delay steam from the fact that he has a team of seasoned professionals in almost every field of construction who ensure quality dictation at every segment of the construction

The mission of his team at Braile Construction is Quality for Quality. Excellent for Excellence. Standard and Standard.
His sterling administrative ability at steering the ship of Brail Construction International brilliantly well resonated and was noticed by the Management of Prowess University, Delaware, the US who recently confirmed on him a Doctorate Degree in Public Administration, Honoria Causa, certifying him as running a credible and competent construction company in Africa.
The Management of Prowess University in the citation read of him declared Engineer Lawal as ” One of the few Nigerians contractors who can be trusted with any complex project and who will deliver with all specifications prim, perfect and fit ‘
Reinforcing this international glory is the remarkable recommendation and recognition from his country Nigeria.
On Thursday 21 April 2022, the Grassroots Leadership Centre, Abuja, Nigeria, conferred upon him again, National Award for Excellence in Leadership for being the most Diligent Contractor in the year 2022.
The conferment of this Award was held at the Premier Hotel, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, the largest city in West – Africa, Nigeria.

Mrs Francisca Oluwaseun Esan, CEO of Dasluxury Paint testifies to the impeccable integrity, high degree of honesty and commitment to the work of Engineer Dr Babatunde Lawal.
‘ Our Chairman is an epitome of pristine integrity. Paragon of virtues. Honest to a fault. A faithful adherent to rules and regulations. A very sincere and hardworking man who is ever committed and dutiful to his client. No wonder he is recognised not only by foreigners but also garnered honour from his home. We used this forum to congratulate a trustworthy, competent, diligent civil engineer and remarkable man of honour . More wins for the Chairman, Dasluxury Paint, the best for your building ‘

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