Nanta appeals to government to wade into AON position

President National Association of Nigeria Travel Agencies ( nanta) has called on the federal government to help resolve issues concerning domestic airline operators in Nigeria.

” we cannot afford another covid pandemic look alike regime where Nigerians cannot move freely about out of no making of their own, simply because Airlines cannot operate due to poor operational environment” She appealed, adding that the federal government must quickly intervene beyond mere promises.

Mrs Akporiaye stated that her phones has been busy through the day as Travel Agents and travelling public from all over the world, wanted to know what happens to the industry and travel plans of most people within and around Nigeria barely few months of ease in local and global travel.

” we cannot continue like this and in a situation where we are not sure, our aviation architecture is up and doing, that we can go to the airport and get a flight, where, we cannnot advise the travelling public and our clients that they can make it to any destination in Nigeria without hazzels and to think of it, the mere announcement by airline operators of Nigeria that they are off the sky on Monday, has sent panic around the globe as Nigerians returning home and those coming to do business in our country, has cancelled their flights to the country.

  • Nanta appeals to the Minister of Aviation to rally around support for AON members and to think that we are also in the heat of preparations for 2023 elections when electoral materials and campaign trains, would move from one end of the country to another, calls for serious measures. We cannot continue like this, it is damaging to our image as nation and our businesses.” Mrs Akporiaye further stated.

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