Labour Party Is Ready To Take Over Osun, Says Lasun …Carpets APC, PDP Performance In Osun

….Promises To Revolutionise Food production

 The former Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives and the Labour Party  Gubernatorial candidate in the forthcoming July 16th, 2022 governorship election in Osun State has declared to make Agriculture a pivot of his administration. 
He said that declaring emergency on Agriculture in the state would revolutionise food production and as well as improving the economy of the state.

He stated this today while featuring on a live radio programme on Rave 97.1 FM, located at Agunbelewo, Osogbo, Osun State tagged; FRANK TALK.
         In his words, all the Governors that have ruled the state are just book keepers who only rely on monthly allocations from the federal purse and disburse same without any significant move to create economy to boost the state internally generated revenue (IGR) to enhance the standard of living of their citizens.
        When asked about what he will do differently, he disclosed that being an home grown politician who has lived all his life amongst the local people made him to know the dynamics of Osun state environment and the type of governance the Osun state people needs at this material time; “taking the advantage his administration will focus majorly on Agriculture which is the bedrock of manufacturing, production and infrastructure, the educational sector and the state economy”.

         He recalled how Osun state was once the textile wears and commercial hub for the neighbouring states like Ekiti, Kwara, Oyo and Ondo in the past, a feat that is still very much achievable if the right person for the number one seat of the state is elected
        On Education, he gave details on how he will revive the moribund education sector, how primary focus will be on primary and secondary education where the right subjects needed for the desire profession and skills acquisition in the tertiary level is been taught as against the usual where a science student is stressed with arts and or commercial subjects not necessarily useful in his/her advance career.
       The Rt Hon Lasun Yussuff also used the opportunity to talk on party politics and stated emphatically that the ruling APC party in the state has crumbled while the PDP is never a match to his popularity and rising acceptability amongst the osun people.

“This is the opportunity, Osun people have been waiting for, Labour Party is ready to take over the reigns of the state with a view to creating an enabling environment to people to engage in meaningful business activities that we enhance the economy instead of depending on government salaries’, he said.
      He enjoined the populace to join forces with the credible alternative, the labour party and his candidate to elect the best candidate for the number job.

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