Only 20% Of Traditional Plants Are Being Utilized, Aisha Buhari Hinted

By Blessing David

First lady and wife of the President Muhammadu Buhari, Doc Mrs Aisha Buhari has said that of over 10,000 natural plants that Nigeria is blessed with across the 36 states of the federation,only 20% of the herbs have been utilized which calls for more actions to explore promote and develop the use of alternative medicines in the country.

The first lady made the call at a two days conference organized by the office of the first lady and in collaboration with the ministry of health, for Traditional Complimentary Alternative Medicine Tcam ,on Nigerian indegenous medicinal plants 2022, held in Abuja.

She explained that the conference is in line with the present administration’s committment to pursue development of fresh produces and medicinal plants for alternative use ,as well be of inmense benefits to women for their empowerment.

She said the emergence of Covid 19 has opened up the need to broaden the practices of Tcam in Nigeria hence the present administration will continue to encourage the development of these plants just as it hopes to secure a land that will house the over 10,000 plants for commercial purposes, create job opportunity, generate wealth for the country,among others.

She further called on the national assembly for the quick passage of the Tcam Bill and law so that the
Production of these raw materials can be produced and develop towards the advancement of the health sector and also for women to improve on their trade.

Similarly ,Minister of health Dr Osage Ehanire, informed that the conference was organized to further show the Ministry’s committment to improve on her efforts to expand the development of these plants, the conference was organized to bring together experts to discuss ways of advancing herbal medicine in Nigeria.

He pointed out that applying sciencific tools to the ancient traditional medicines is the right way to go for the development of these plants of our forefathers to explore avenue for universal health coverage.

The minister who observed that large percentage of Nigerians are using traditional medicines ,give room for more improvement on these natural herbs which is therefore a wake-up call to do more in advancing the efficacy of these alternative medicines.

“Our country is abundantly blessed with medicinal properties as such hope that the conference will study and validate the importance of these plants.

Ministry of health will consider how to integrate the use of alternative medicine in the various primary health care

Research has remain a major part of alternative medicines which the ministry will continue to collaborate with Tcam for further the expansion and growth of the medicinal plants in Nigeria”,he added.

In his welcome address, minister of health for state ,Sen Mamora, who applauded the office of the first lady for the initiative,said the conference is unique because it will provide interactive session for traditional medicines practitioners to achieve national health security and universal health coverage.

He said Nig is blessed with over 10,000 plants for developmental goals to promote and commercialize them on the country, as such, the meeting will discuss the importance of these plants and the outcome should boost raw materials of these plants.

“The ministry makes concerted efforts for the development of alternative medicines through development of herbal medicine in Nigeria.

He said Nig will continue to develop and commercialize herbal medicine in the country for conservation with over 300 hundred species in the country”, Stressing that the Key aim of the conference is to Promote cultivation and promotion of alternative herbal medicine just as it is the case in China, india ,United States,among other developed countries.

He however hoped that the promotion of the aforementioned will attract huge benefits to Nigeria ,alleviate poverty, create job opportunity create wealth, encourage Tcam practice in Nigeria.

He also commended the wife of the President,Aisha Buhari who has been the initiator of the conference

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