Tinubu don’t kill me, I beg in Allah’s name

By Wale Ojo- Lanre TCIC

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu
The loving son of
Alhaja Abibatu Magaji,
Aljaena Firudus,
One of the greatest Iyalojas that ever lived in this firmament.
I am on my knees
With all my relations
And with those who depend on me
Weeping profusely
Crying bitterly
Sobbing painfully
Yelling like a day-old baby
Who has been deprived
By his wicked mother
The sour-sweet drops from her bludgeoning boobs
Begging you not to kill me as your predecessor in office tried furtively to
I am begging you In the name of Allah,
The beneficient and the most merciful
President Tinubu
I am begging you now
Because I know you are not a killer
I know how you emancipated many of us
You are not a murderer
I know your act of care is unquantifiable.
I am crying bitterly because
I know you to be a developer
I know you because you are a destiny helper
Thus, I am begging you with
Every atom within me not to
do to me what your predecessor did to me but rather save my life and let me live like others and be useful to this nation
Kindly help to raise me up
As you raised some of my friends when you were the Governor of Lagos.

And as you set out to raise other friends of mine as the President of Nigeria.
Honestly my President,
I am useful like the others too
I am even more useful than many of them which past Presidents cuddled, pampered and protected beyond reasonable expectation
I can rescue Nigeria from the dearth of low revenue
I am peaceful
I am a peace ambassador
I prosper in the peaceful atmosphere
I preach peace and harmony
I encourage social – migration,
I blossom through cultural diversity
I engender development in any area I am allowed to operate
I generate, built, and foster, goodwill and better friendship in any area where I live
I am one of the greatest employers of labour in this country
I create wealth more than any of my friends who have been pampered beyond measure
I stimulate riches more than them.
I am also the greatest generator of employment in Nigeria
I can empower over 50 million Nigerians in a year
I can also turn several hundreds of Nigerians into millionaires overnight
I have the solution to cultism in Nigeria
I can single-handedly turn villages into centres of the world’s view
Within one year, I can turn Nigeria into the cynosure of the world’s eyes.

I am highly productive
I am highly resourceful
I am potent at making money for the country
The most beautiful part of it is that I am available in all parts of this great country but sadly most of the Governors don’t think about me
Mr President, the sad story is that I am neglected
Nobody is looking at my side
I have not been encouraged
Out of all the Presidents Nigeria has produced
Only one old papa encouraged me – That is Pa Aremu Obasanjo
He tried for me
He brought me out of neglect
He revived me out of strangulation
He even appointed a manager for me
A manager who did well and tried his best
Under him, I was able to garner over £40 billion in revenue for this nation
Jonathan only paid a feeble service to my welfare.
Baba Buhari finally removed the life support from my manager when he came to power.
And there the beauty stopped.
Since then I have been shovelled into a pit.
Abandoned with no reference.
That is why I am. appealing to you
Please! Please!!!
Raise me from the tomb
Lift me to serve Nigeria
Re-invigorate my strength
Pump me to generate revenue for Nigeria
Preserve me to generate employment in Nigeria
President Tinubu
My name is Tourism, Creative Arts and Culture
Kindly emancipate me by
Creating a stand-alone
Ministry of Tourism, Creative Arts and Culture
Renewed me
Restore me
Resuscitate me
I am more potent than oil
Oil may dry
But, I Tourism,
I am inexhaustible
Kindly lift me for the benefit of this country
Let me serve this country as I am serving, UAE, France, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Malaysia, Britain, US.
May God be with you.

Wale Ojo- Lanre
Tourism, Creative Industry and Culture,

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