Why Gov Oyebanji Must Sack this LCD Chairman.

Here is a petition to Governor Abiodun Oyebanji, the Governor of Ekiti State over the unusual acts of one of the Chairmen of Local Community Development Areas.

Dearest Governor Abiodun Abayomi Oyebanji,
Though I am not happy with you not only because you are not behaving like a Governor who is naturally expected to lord it over those who elected you rather you chose to behave like a sensible. leader and a servant, which is unexpected of a whole Governor!

Don’t you know you are an EXECUTIVE GOVERNOR?
Sorry, today is not your day as I am sitting watching you like a Vulture waiting for that moment when I will strike your eyes.

However, I have to urgently bring to your attention the unusual acts of one of those who you must have mistakenly handed over the administration of a Local Community Development.
I appreciate your keen interest in growing governance at the grassroots.

A reason why you do permit financial autonomy and political independence at the Local government level and ditto at the LCDA.

And the most reason why you made funds available to the LCDA Chairmen and steer clear from interfering with their activities.

You also tasked them not only on probity but to be prudent and accountable.
You talked much about the need for them to be upright and selfless.

You urged them to be selfless, serve the people diligently and be committed to programmes that will benefit the grassroots.
You so much believe that the grassroots should be more comfortable and have wider access to the good things of life.
Hence, you ensure and adopt non – interference, giving them a free hand and prop the LCDA Chairmen to engage in self-initiation.

It is part of your solid belief in grassroots that you allowed the selection of your Commissioners from the ward level.
I quite appreciate your agrarian concern for holistic grassroots governance which is why I have taken it upon myself to recommend and call for the immediate sack of one
of the chairmen of LCDA.

This chairman has taken your directive seriously as if we have not been chairmen of Local Government before.

This chairman seems not to be a politician because of the commitment devoted to the work at hand.
The modus Operandi adopted by this chairman is completely different, unusual, and strange.

It is a serious departure from the past ways of the past chairmen we have been having
And look at it, the chairman is just a chairman of
LCDA and find it convenient to act as if it is a Local Government.

Your excellency, this strange chairman is not behaving to type
First, it is shameful on the part of the chairman’s part that since the appointment, travelling out of the LCD is not the choice
The chairman has decided to sit with us and focus on the job as if it is meritorious to serve the people diligently and committedly ( at least, won ki se ise oba laguna)
Also, this local chairman. has refused to be arrogant, proud or jettisoned the friends of youth.

The chairman has also refused to use the fund allocated to the LCD to buy gold, designers and enjoy wild parties but stupidly erecting sustainable projects beneficial to the people here and there.

This ordinary chairman of LCD has used the fund which others have diverted to personal ventures judiciously as we have never seen before
Naively too, the Chairman has created unlimited access for the people to contact the office.

My dearest Governor, this foolish Chairman has within a short time launched and erected over 40 projects, just serving the people blindly without thinking seriously about self
To cap it all, the Chairman remains humble, simple, local, respectful, diligent, resourceful, responsible, listening, attentive, reasonable, active, compassionate, hardworking and daily thinking about how to better a lot of people.
This chairman carried service to the people as if life depends on positive outcomes.

Your Excellency kindly sack Anthonia Alaba Omonusi, Chairman, LCDA,
Ekiti South East, for her extraordinary and excellent performance at her duty post.

Wale Ojo-Lanre


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