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** Entertainment shows and films on global streaming platforms have jumped to 39 per cent in two years , averaging at about 167 providers, as against 118 options, with 2.35 million opportunities in choice profiles. Across the United Kingdom, United States, Mexico, Germany, and Canada, viewers are increasingly drawn to confounding choice ecosystems.

** A technology glitch on Monday distrupted the huge seamless connectivity schedule at Heathrow Airport, London, leading to flight cancellations and delays. Though the problem was rectified, its after-effects slowed down the arrival and departure ecosystem at the airport as frantic efforts are being made to restore sanity on air traffic control at the airport.

** Still on tech glitch, Japan Toyota manufacturing plant, was also hit by a glitch which affected production lines at the car plant.

** Climate change has impacted half of Europe’s ski resorts as snow shortages dip to about 2 degrees Celsius warming. A study of 2, 234 ski resorts across 28 European countries found out that about snow cover is at unprecedented low level. Europe has the world largest ski industry with 50 % world ski resorts and the region heavily reliant on skiing tourism.

Back home in Nigeria, newly appointed minister for arts, culture, and creative economy, Hannatu Musa Musawa says her eight points action plans will open opportunities for the industry to make hey, and this is as the President of Nigeria, Mr Ahmed Bola Tinubu disclosed on Tuesday that he would not tolerate any failings from ministerial appointees, and urged them to perform or be kicked out. Musawa rolled out Monday evening, an agenda “Nigeria Destination 2030,” legged on a ” controversial shared vision” ecosystem, which does not have input of the organised private sector players, and to which fancies to gyrate on skills development, National cultural Heritage preservation, strategic partnerships, creation of enabling environment, collaboration, fast tracking of policy frameworks and GDP growth targets and outputs of sectoral contributions to the economy.

** lagos state has been adjudged as the 5th best city to live and work in Africa, as the state announced on Wednesday that its blue rail line goes commercial on Monday, targeting between 150 and 175 passengers per day, each paying 350 naira palliative supported fare ecosystem. In best, the African city index survey by Brand finance, Cape Town, Cairo , Johannesburg, Casablanca, came first, second, third, and fourth, respectively as the first four African cities with high attraction by people to live, work and invest. Nairobi, Kenya came sixth, after lagos. Interestingly, these six African cities made into the world’s best cities, with London, adjudged the King of best city brand in the world to live, work, and invest, shoving New York, Paris to second and third places respectively.

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