CEO Of Imperial Heritage International Investment Congratulates Etsu Nupe Over 20 Years OF Reign

In a heartfelt tribute, the Founder and CEO of Imperial Heritage International Investment Limited (IHIIL), Princess Jemila Yahaya Abubakar, and her esteemed international delegation, led by the distinguished Tunde A Balogun, join hands with numerous prominent Nigerians to extend their warmest congratulations to His Royal Highness, Alhaji Dr. Yahaya Abubakar (CFR). This momentous occasion marks the grand celebration of his remarkable 20-year reign as the Etsu Nupe and Chairman of the Niger State Council of Traditional Rulers.

Tunde A Balogun, the Managing Director of Imperial Heritage International Investment, eloquently articulated their sentiments in a congratulatory message delivered on Saturday, September 16 2023. He described the 20th anniversary of the Etsu Nupe’s reign as an extraordinary triumph and a testament to the iconic and philanthropic qualities of a deeply devout monarch.

With unwavering admiration, Tunde A Balogun emphasized that the 20th anniversary of HRH Etsu Nupe’s ascent to the throne stands as a monumental milestone, one that calls for not only gratitude but a joyous celebration of a life steeped in purpose and dedication.

He conveyed their collective sentiments with the following words: “We stand alongside fellow Nigerians and peace-loving individuals from around the globe in rejoicing with His Royal Highness, Alhaji Dr. Yahaya Abubakar, the Etsu Nupe and Chairman of the Niger State Council of Traditional Rulers. Today, as you mark two decades on the venerable throne of your forefathers and celebrate your 71st birthday, we acknowledge the profound honor of being a part of this laudable occasion.”

Tunde A Balogun continued, “This celebration serves as a poignant reminder of your infectious simplicity, unshakable resolve, and unwavering dedication to the advancement of your people, especially within the Nupe Kingdom and our beloved nation at large.”

He went on to laud HRH’s extraordinary achievements during his two-decade reign as Etsu Nupe, noting, “The 20th anniversary of HRH’s ascension to the throne of the Etsu Nupe Kingdom represents an illustrious milestone, a testament to outstanding accomplishments that warrant heartfelt thanksgiving and joyous celebration in honor of a purpose-driven life.”

The message also expressed deep gratitude for the honor and privilege of being associated with His Highness on the momentous occasion of his 20th anniversary on the throne. It further conveyed their sincere hope that the Nupe Kingdom will continue to reap the rewards of his wise and courageous leadership for many years to come, as it has been instrumental in safeguarding and uplifting the Kingdom.

“As a world-class traditional ruler, you have unequivocally demonstrated your unwavering commitment to unity and peaceful coexistence among Traditional Rulers and people throughout Nigeria and around the world,” the message emphasized.

In closing, the message extended heartfelt gratitude to His Highness for his kindness and warm hospitality while offering sincere wishes for many more years of good health and a reign characterized by longevity and enduring peace.

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