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Edited by Frank Meke

** Nigeria is 63 years old on Monday but seems to be crawling on all four. Reading our leaders take vintage positions on issues concerning Africa’s biggest black nation, it looks like half-hearted confessions of a serial sinner.

Atiku Abubakar, a former vice president of Nigeria and an opposition party candidate, says president Bola Ahmed Tinubu national broadcast on the independence day was empty and uninspiring.

Governor Akeredolu of Ondo state says Nigeria’s diversity provides plenty of options and calls on Nigerians to unite.

To Yobe Governor, Mai Bunu, Nigerian must show commitment to nation building, and to Charles soludo of Anambra state, those waiting for quick fix solution to Nigeria’ s problems, should rather intentionally work harder for its survival as the nation can’t swim out of its problems on mere wishful thinking.

Governor Adeleke of oshun State put off his dancing shoes and advised all hands on deck irrespective of political persuasions.

Kano state governor despite tribunal ruling against his election, and a hold on his demolition spree, says principals of equality, justice and fairness must guide nation building and to lagos governor who is waging war against motor parks operators, Transporters and market leaders with sleeping under mountainous dust bins in the state, time has come for Nigerians to live in peace ,united and show love to each other, supportive to the government of president Ahmed Tinubu.

In nearby Oyo state, governor seyi makinde says that though Nigeria is at a crossroad, the tenacity of the suffering Nigerians in face of all odds is heartwarming To the prelate, Presbyterian church of Nigeria, Dr Ekpenyong Akpannika, the future of Nigeria is bleak at 63 years as there’s nothing to celebrate.

Governor Peter Mbah of Enugu state, after a successful war against the ipob sit home order, says national interest must take precedence above other interests and urge the people to stay strong in the face of adversity

****The early morning operational sing song of lagos bus conducters is ebbing out due to the impact of subsidy removal, which has forced bus drivers to do away with their ” co-pilot.” These days across the bustling city of lagos, the dramatic presence of bus conductors has reduced significantly.

Still on operational changes on logistics in lagos, Businesses, particularly food distribution chains, have done away with motorised bikes, preferring bicycles to reach out to clients in different parts of the city. Motorised bikes use fuel and come high on maintenance costs, which bicycles do not.

Nanta President, Mrs Susan Akporiaye, has taken the cause of travel technology campaign across Africa, birthing new thinking on affordable tec travel ecosystem for small and medium enterprises in the continent to global content facilitators in Kenya.

She advised on tech travel solutions broadly affordable to travel trade professionals and hospitality industry players, noting that Africa, Nigeria in particular is a hot bed for profitable investment in this area.

Mrs Susan Akporiaye is currently in Botswana as one of the key speakers at the Africa Youth Tourism Innovation Summit, which was hosted last year by Namibia Mrs Akporiaye has been an untiring advocate of youths in tourism in Africa, particularly mentoring tech start-up entrepreneurs.

**** Nigeria’s Tourism Ministry slipped into deeper inatia on critical activities as the minister, Ms Ade John, allegedly poisoned, stayed off official engagements.

Unfortunately, the two parastatals under her leadership , Nigeria Tourism Development Authority and its vocational training Wing, National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism Studies, are still battling with identity and delivery mandate needed to oxygenate the newly created stand alone Ministry. Creative Nigeria wishes the beautiful tourism minister a quick recovery.

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