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EHang, a Guangzhou based but listed company in the United States, has gained China’s license as an autonomous air taxi service firm, the first in the world. The company will be allowed to manufacture electric drones that can carry two persons. China, in January next year, will unveil rules on unmanned Aircrafts while the United States bids its time in the same effort with a structured release of rules of engagement for the manufacture of autonomous flying vehicles in the future.

Diaspora Nigeria Economic Recovery Program ( DNERP) has been unveiled as the first of iconic 52 tourism products marshalled by Otunba Wanle Akinboboye, founder, la campagne Resort and tourism industry influencer. Akinboboye, in the next fifty-two weeks, will release trade products, indicative of his evident presence on the global and national space as the oracle of tourism.

Riddly Scott biopic, Napoleon, starring joaquin Phonenix and Vanessa kirbly will be released on Apple TV +. The film follows Napoleon Bonaparte’s rise to power in the wake of the French revolution and his relationship with his wife, Josephine.

The Guinness storehouse in Dublin, Ireland, has emerged as Europe’ s best tourist attraction, beating other iconic landmarks such as Acropolis in Athens and Sagrada familia in Barcelona to clinch the World Travel Award. The 19th century converted brewery, now a museum and temple of the black brew= stout, offers visitors a window of history into the heart and soul of Ireland’s most iconic beer.

Prices of food items skyrocketed to about 30. 64 per cent, worsening inflation index in the country. Consumers barometer surged to 26. 72 per cent in September, according to the National Bureau of Statistics. Kogi, Rivers, and lagos headlines highest increase in food items in Nigeria.

The suspended lagos Blue rail services is back with about 74 daily trips projected in November. State governor Babajide sanwo-0lu, however, warned lagosians to stay away from the electrified rail tracks, starting that the track lines are no place for trading.

Meanwhile, the state unveiled a groundbreaking site for the film village in Epe yesterday in its efforts to deepen tourism and entertainment infrastructure. Still on lagos, a special command performance titled ILE TI YA( HOME COMING) will be on showcase at Topo Ascon at 6pm today and directed by Thespian , Prof sola fasudo, assisted by Segun Adefila The dance performance highlights the Four Doors of Return, a cultural tourism reunion agenda targeting Black persons in Diaspora, Willing to trace their roots back to Badagry, lagos Nigeria. Badagry was the hotbed slaves export during the 18th century.

Nigeria’s eastern region could be likened Gaza in Palestine. Lif Is brutishh here, with full militarization of the place. There are no subsidy palliatives and all major highways in around the place, clearly cut off by erosion. Frank Meke was in owerri and Aba last week, and we shall be discussing as our major news item, life inside Nigeria’s Gaza.

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