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, Edited by Frank Meke

As Nigeria battles to reverse the free fall of the naira against the dollar, one major cultural tourism product that could aid the naira rebound, the famous Adire fabric has been castrated by the Chinese who now mass import its own variation into Nigeria. Former, Nigeria president Olusegun Obasanjo, who gave Nigeria its first stand-alone Ministry of Tourism in 1999, appealed to the government of president Ahmed Tinubu to quickly ban the fake Chinese brand of the fabric to help protect local producers , thus shoring up the naira.

Nigeria’s chief culture administrator and marketer, Otunba Segun Runsewe, says the naira can gain quick recovery if Nigeria adopted an absolute and total commitment to the consumption of local foods and fabrics. Runsewe, Director General of National Council for Arts and Culture, is a strong advocate of culture economy, particularly in the promotion of one state, one culture product which will oxygenate each local economy, empower the people and promoted them jointly as national cultural tourism brands and protected from competition in the market place.

Badagry, lagos, Nigeria may assume the capital of Christian prilimage tours in Nigeria as plans are afoot to celebrate its decades of iconic history as the foothold of Christian religious growth in Africa. The riverine and coastal town in the 18th century welcomed the first Christian missionaries, with a church service conducted under iconic Agia tree and a first story building, features and Monuments which tells the history of Christian religious spread from Badagry to other parts of Nigeria.

Still on Badagry, there may be strategic rebranding of the Badagry Diaspora festival after several failed efforts to have a common unifying festival in the ancient city. A dream and all engaging diaspora festival as against another focal agenda, targeting the diaspora community, is in the works and will be registered as a trade company owned by the Badagry people and the traditional institutions. Creative Nigeria learnt that the process of having a strong Badagry Diaspora brand is the desire of all true indigenes of the ancient town and will be given legal wings to operate.

West Antarctica ice sheets will melt and deplete massively in years to come, leading to a rise in sea levels, which could put peoples and nations to flood flights across the world .

The global economic outlook is beginning to feel the tempo of artificial intelligence impact as job losses prominently features in most corporate markets. In the coding sub sector, a help site overflow company sacked about 100 staff as AI chatbot, the GhatGP offers Goggle office work suites and Adobe creative cloud software including photoshop incorporated AI , providing users exposure to artificial intelligence powered applications.

The brain drain of skilled medical workers in Africa is beginning to affect patients seeking care, particularly those with emergency cases. There are more Nigerian doctors in the UK, Canada, and America than in Nigeria, in the same situation across African countries such as Togo, with more its skilled medical professionals in France where the pay is good than in Togo. According to the World Health Organisation ( WHO), African countries will face a drastic and worrisome shortfall of about 6.1 million health care workers. By 2930, the continent’s population soars.

Nigeria’s real estate business is bleeding as the naira falls all time low against the dollar, impacting on building materials and cost of finished homes. Though there is no noticeable significant drop on demand , the sector may experience glut if the naira continues on its roller coaster fall. Meanwhile, the lagos Government Ministry of Environment avowed commitment to pull down luxury estates built across drainage channels and has sent red flags to investors in lagos’ real estate development economy. With bulldozers breaking walls and gates of estates in the city, trade operators may relocate to neighbouring Ogun and 0yo states to avoid losing millions of naira, thus engendering glut of housing needs in the city of aquatic splendour. Creative Nigeria findings revealed that Ogun state has become the choice of investors, particularly those with interest in manufacturing and plant materials chain. The entire blue chip lands on lagos ibadan highway have been grabbed by big manufacturing companies, tired of the multiple taxes and levies paid in lagos. The jobs market has followed suit, and soon, estate development companies will pull out of lagos to Ogun state, which shares borders with lagos.

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