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Edited by Frank Meke

Nigeria’s traditional cuisine delicacy, the jolloh rice rallied visitors and tourists at the World Travel Market in London to the Nanta, Nigeria stand, but the absence of the food on the exhibition table left them disappointed. Most visitors, particularly from the Middle East, Asia, the Caribbean, and Africa, stated that Nigeria Jollof Rice is the primary hunt to the Nigerian stand and wondered why the federal government failed to factor the power of Nigerian food offerings in the promotion of Nigeria.

Still on the unexplainable absence of Nigeria at the global tourism market event, both Nigerians and foreigners who visited the nanta exhibition gallery called for the immediate overhauling of Nigeria Tourism Development Authority ( NTDA), noting that Nigeria’ absence is a disservice to the cultural tourism economy of the country, praising the resilience of the leadership of the National Association of Nigeria Travel Agencies ( Nanta) for standing in gap.

Nanta, Nigeria, stand, despite the absence of Jollof rice on showcase, revealed an impressive tray of the Nigerian local snack offerings, tourism information brochures and local fabrics. Lagos state also showcased its destination offerings with interesting profiles of high-end enquiries. Susan Akporiaye, President National Association of Nigeria Travel Agencies ( Nanta), basked in the praises of Nigerians residents in the UK and her members who thumbed her patriotism in showcasing Nigeria at WTM

Getting around Nigeria and visa issues were top concerns of most tourism trade enquiries at the Nanta Nigeria stand in London. From the media to foreign tourism destination marketing groups, the quest for an assurance of deliveries in those areas topped the talks across the table.

Enugu, Anambra, the entire Eastern flanks of Nigeria, is in the love eyes and bucket of travel itinerary of foreign visitors interested in Nigeria. The igbo resilience in trade and culture counts strong on trade enquiries. Kano, too, is on their radar, but an assurance of security back up for a group visit trump discussions with Nigeria travel trade professionals.

The presence of over a hundred countries and fifty thousand exhibitors confirmed the visible rebound of global tourism after the covid pandemic. The competition to attract visitors and investments by each participating country is high up andfeverish, with Morocco branding the huge entrance and foyer of Excel centre to showcase its readiness to welcome inbound tourism traffic and warm its economy.

Premium French brandy cognac is off the party table in the United States, where it was once the top demand by mostly African Americans. The boom is down the slide due to pay cuts and hash economic realities, which has impacted the spending powers of the French spirits aficionados.

The scallops, Japan most exported food product, and one the world’s finest, has been banned by the Chinese in what observers described as a food war. To boost home consumption and to help reduce stocks that may go bad, the Japanese government begged her citizens to consume more of the very rich ingredient of sushi delicacy , at least five times a day. The American military bases in Japan have ordered hundreds of tonnes of scallops, with other countries waiting to grab the delicacy of the warehouses in Japan, mitigating the Chinese shocking ban.

Will the Israeli war against Hamas spill across the borders into the United Kingdom? There’s a palpable fear here in London by the Jewish community against attacks by anti Jewish people. Four police officers were injured on Saturday last week as pro Palestinian protesters threw fireworks indiscriminately, a development described by Oliver Dowden, a member of Parliament representing Hertsmere as intimidation against the British Jews .

The Herod of Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation ( NTDA) sneaked into the huge ambience of Excel London, ignored by Nigerians for failing to put up any strong presence for Nigeria, but chose to exhibit mountainous ego, and ignorance. Deservedly ashamed by what other countries in Africa, even smaller nations did, he pretended a bold face, harried like a rain-soaked pig, and disappeared. Imagine a so-called Nigerian tourism chief promotion officer at the biggest global tourism market with nothing to offer but cowardice and egocentric naivety. What a shame!

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