At the risk of being misunderstood and be called names, I have strong concerns and worries about the ministers of tourism and culture. A popular saying in my local language literally translated “a Friday that would be good would be noticed as from Wednesday”

Since their appointments, there has been a noticeable lack of action and initiative in addressing key issues within their respective domains. Infact we often wonder where are our ministers?
There is a noticeable failure to have a strategic plans to boost the tourism sector, which is crucial for our socio economic well-being. The absence of targeted campaigns, a good example is the absence of Nigeria in the just concluded world travel market WTM in London is a pointer to our ruderless and lack of strategic plans to market Nigeria.

The absence of targeted campaigns, infrastructure improvements and collaborative efforts with stakeholders has resulted in stagnation that directly impacts our national image and economic growth and development.

Similarly the Minister of Culture has not shown any proactive approach in preserving and promoting our cultural heritage. Cultural events and initiatives have been neglected, and there is a lack of engagement with key cultural stakeholders and organizations.

This not only weakens our cultural identity but also hinders the potentials for our cultural tourism, a sector with significant economic potentials.

It is of absolute importance that we begin to see and hear our ministers. These issues should be promptly addressed to ensure the success of our government’s overall agenda and justify the creation of the two ministries.

A thorough review of the performances of the current ministers and if necessary, considering alternative candidates, who have distinguished themselves in the sector. I have strong reservations on the choices of the ministers. Knowledgeable and professional people are needed to bring fresh perspective and take decisive actions to these crucial portfolios. We need people who know the road to lead.

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