Picnickers Commend Gov Oyebanji, Arinta Waterfall Manager for enhancing Ipole Iloro’s amazing landscape

Picnickers who thronged and scrambled to relax and enjoy the amazing ambiance of Arinta Waterfall, Ipole Iloro Ekiti, Ekiti State lauded Governor Biodun Oyebanji and the management of the fall for their remarkable efforts in adding value to the natural wonder sitting in Ipole Iloro Ekiti

Sunday Adeshina an Electrical Engineer with Betalmarks International, Lagos who hailed from Imesi Ekiti but on holiday said “You can see how we are feeling too good here. See my children feeling on the top of the world.

I never knew we were going to meet Arinta Waterfall so beautiful like this. We are happy to be here and I commend Governor Oyebanji for making this place a nice place to be.

Thank God you talked with my children who are visiting Ekiti. for the first time. This is a good experience for them. You know, they will be more receptive and lounging to visit Ekiti. And you know we are leaving here for these. Kudos! Governor Oyebanji.

Segun Adeyemi Sani said ” I traveled with my family from Kabba, Kogi State, we are staying here in Ekiti for the Xmas. You know we are your next neighbor.

So we decided to have the feel of Ekiti and we are happy that Arinta Waterfall which is our first port of call today is amazingly beautiful and the management of this place has greatly impressed us by the faculties being put in place. I am a school principal and I can assure you that my school will be here before the end of January 2024!

Olufunke Florence Adeniyi, an Ado Ekiti diasporan from New York, US could not hide her feelings regarding the awesomeness of Arinta Waterfall
” Great! Yes. This waterfall is amazing. One of my cousins, Dupe, that one in jeans lured me to this place and I love everything about it.

The cascading water, the arena, and the environment that I noticed have not been vicariously polluted in the name of adding value to the place. I notice the management of this place has been careful in its approach to add value. I noticed that the extra facilities are being attached to the arena which is far from the seat of the fall. This is good. ‘

Also, others come forward to express their appreciation and commendations to the management of Arinta Waterfall for its remarkable efforts in adding value to the natural wonder of Ipole Iloro Ekiti without extensive destruction of nature

During their recent visit to Arinta Waterfall, the picnickers were pleasantly surprised by the top-notch facilities that have been made available to visitors. The provision of these facilities greatly enhanced their experience and made their day of relaxation even more enjoyable.

Additionally, many of the picnickers individually commended Governor Biodun Oyebanji for his foresight in prioritizing tourism development in Ekiti State.
The exceptional vision displayed by Governor Oyebanji has initiated a positive transformation in the tourism sector, making Ekiti State a coveted destination for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.
They pointed out that the Ekiti State Bureau of Tourism Development deserves recognition for its exemplary efforts in safeguarding and promoting the state’s tourism assets.

The picnickers also acknowledged the enormous potential Arinta Waterfall possesses to become a premier tourist attraction.

. They expressed their gratitude to the manager for ensuring all necessary facilities were in place to accommodate visitors, especially the convenience area thereby making it a delightful experience for all.

Sunday Adeshina, Segun Sani, and Olufunke Florence Adeniyi extend their heartfelt appreciation to the manager of Arinta Waterfall for going above and beyond to enhance the attraction’s appeal. They encourage both residents and tourists to visit the waterfall and experience the tranquility and grandeur it offers.

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