Women, hairstylists lament over high cost of hair attachments

Some women and hairstylists on Tuesday lamented the high cost of hair attachments as the price has continued to soar from 2023.

They expressed their concern in separate interview in Lagos that hair attachment is one of the most important part of a woman’s fashion and the price in Nigeria depends on the quality and brand.

There are various types of hair attachments based on the company of production like: X-pression, Darling and Lush.

These attachments could be used to make styles like ghana weaving, bob marley, twisting, shuku, knotless braid, pick and drop, and more.

Average hair attachments initially sold for N1,700 now cost N3,600, and those sold for N1,200 now go for N2,500.

Hair cream and relaxers are not also left out as the biggest jar of hair cream that was sold for N800 now costs N3,000 as well as other smaller ones.

Faith Omije, a hairstylist at Crystal Beauty Salon said, “the situation must be urgently addressed, else the increment would continue without control”.

Omijie said the development now warranted a reduction in her normal service charge for hairdo when customers purchased hair attachments from her, as a way of encouraging them.

“The manufacturers keep telling us their cost of production has increased which warranted the increase in the cost of hair attachments but for me, this is not tenable.

“It appears they are only being inconsiderate when we look at the rate of the increment.

“From 2023, the price keeps adding up with N100, N200 till it is now unbearable. My customers are always complaining.

“In a way to encourage them, I reduce my service charge which is also affecting me.

“Even the price of hair cream, hair relaxers and wool are on the increase too. Before now, I sell a bundle of single wool for N200 but it is now N300,” she said.

Another hairstylist, Grace Akpan, said the government must be able to ensure measures were put in place for general price control of items in the market.

Akpan said the most unfortunate thing about the development was “that nobody is currently addressing the problem, women now have to spend a fortune or engage in critical thinking before making their hair”.

“Many of my customers now run away from making hairstyles that will make them use hair attachments.

“They rather go for weave-on and wool because they are not as expensive as hair attachments, just few of them are using it now.

“This development has also impacted the cost of braided wigs,” she said

Similarly, Helen Arokoyo, an undergraduate student of University of Lagos said “Now, I hardly make my desired hairstyle, I go for what my money can make.

“I’m the type that likes my hair very full but I can’t afford to buy enough attachment to do that.

“The option of reusing my attachment is out of consideration for me because the hair won’t be as neat and beautiful as it should be when new attachment is used.

“It is indeed a frustrating one for me because I don’t like wools and weave-on. So, I’m only left with the option of using the hair attachments,” she said.

Aminat Usman, a pharmacy sales representative told NAN that she had temporarily resolved to weaving her hair in different styles pending when the price of hair attachments would be regulated.

“I don’t want to give myself problems, I will continue to weave my hair like this.

“And maybe when I am fortunate to get awoof money, I can consider buying attachments but not with the meagre sum I’m earning now,” she said.

Caroline Olatunji, a photographer said, “Each time I buy hair attachment to make my hair, I’m always pained due to the amount of money I will have to part with.

“Before now, I can make my hair with N5,000 but now I spend close to N10,000.

“I have considered barbing my hair but it is also expensive when I think of the the cost of maintenance and treatment. The situation is really frustrating,”

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