NTA Ado Ekiti to Collaborate with Ekiti State Bureau of Tourism Development

In a promising development for Ekiti’s tourism sector, the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) in Ado Ekiti has pledged to forge a collaborative partnership with the Ekiti State Bureau of Tourism Development.
This commitment was reiterated by the General Manager, NTA Ado Ekiti during a courtesy visit to the NTA office in Ado Ekiti by a delegation from the Ekiti State Bureau of Tourism Development led by Barrister Wale Ojo Lanre.

During the meeting, both parties expressed enthusiasm about the potential benefits of working together to promote tourism initiatives in the state.
The collaboration aims to leverage NTA’s extensive reach and broadcasting capabilities to showcase Ekiti’s rich cultural heritage, natural attractions, and tourism potential to a wider audience across Nigeria and beyond.

Barrister Wale Ojo Lanre, speaking on behalf of the team of the Bureau of Tourism Development which includes Barrister Adegboyega Morakinyo, Executive Secretary, Femi Ogunsola , Director – Tourism and Mr Peculiar Ekiran, Communications, highlighted the importance of media partnerships in driving tourism growth and fostering economic development in Ekiti State.
He emphasized the need for concerted efforts to harness the state’s tourism assets and create sustainable opportunities for local communities.

In response, the management of NTA Ado Ekiti Alhaji Isaq Akande affirmed their readiness to support the Bureau of Tourism in its endeavours.
He underscored the pivotal role of the media in promoting tourism and pledged to provide airtime and promotional slots to highlight Ekiti’s tourism offerings.

The proposed collaboration between NTA Ado Ekiti and the Ekiti State Bureau of Tourism Development signifies a significant step forward in the collective efforts to position Ekiti as a premier destination for tourists and travellers
By leveraging the power of media and strategic partnerships, both organizations aim to showcase the state’s unique attractions, foster cultural exchange, and stimulate economic growth through tourism.

As plans for collaboration take shape, stakeholders in Ekiti’s tourism industry are optimistic about the positive impact that this partnership will have on promoting the state’s diverse tourism offerings and unlocking new opportunities for growth and development.

For further updates on this promising collaboration and other developments in Ekiti’s tourism sector, stay tuned to NTA Ado Ekiti and the official channels of the Ekiti State Bureau of Tourism.

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