Rep O.K. Chinda @58: Celebrating an icon in legislative matters

…. championing motions and bills designed to elevate the common good of Nigerians.

On March 24, Rep Ogundu Kingsley Chinda, a lawyer and the House of Representatives Minority Caucus leader, will be 24 months close to his 60th birthday.

O.K. as he is fondly called by his close associates, he has been in the forefront of progressive legislative matters in Nigeria since 2011 when his constituents in Obio/Akpor Federal Constituency voted him to represent them.

Going by his legislative records, Chinda has proven that the Hallmark of a dedicated legislator is his ability to table motions and bills capable of alleviating the plight of Nigerians.

In this tenth assembly, his first move last year is to seek an amendment to the Nigeria Oil and Gas Industry Content Development (NOGICD Act), 2010, to cover other critical sectors of the Nigerian economy. This will grow the Nigerian skill and economy astronomically.

The essence of this all-important amendment by Chinda and his colleagues is to ensure that Nigerians across all levels enjoy an overwhelming fallout on the Act that was restricted only to the oil and gas sector.

Still on how to ensure that Nigerians don’t feel the pains and pangs of the economic downturn in Nigeria, early this month, alongside his colleagues across the 36 states of the federation and the FCT, O. K. Chinda moved a motion for payment of a living wage to Nigerian workers.

The motion was practically designed to help cushion the effect of the economic hardship that has engulfed Nigerians of all strata of life.

Not giving room for loopholes, the HoR had resolved that on no account should any Nigerian worker earn less than N100,000 as a living wage.

The submissions made by the lawmakers were iron cast and a clear message to the executive that we are waiting and watching on your next move.

Apparently sensing an inequality in trade balance over an agreement to be signed by the UK and Nigeria, allowing UK lawyers to practice in Nigeria while Nigerian lawyers cannot practice there, Chinda and other lawmakers kicked against it.

The HoR outrightly condemned the move and ordered that on no account should such an unequal trade agreement should be signed as it’s a one-sided partnership.

At different fora, the Rivers State born lawmaker has made it abundantly clear that opposition is not about being noisy or fighting on the floor of the House but about what we could do to put smiles on the faces of Nigerians and offering credible alternatives to govt policies and programmes

Chinda has numerous bills, motions, and committee indelible footprints that can not easily be erased.

In the eight Assembly, Chinda as Chairman House of Representatives Committee on Public Accounts broke all records, submitted three audited reports on MDAs and climaxed his sojourn there by making the committee the first in Nigeria to be e-compliant.

Little wonder, in two different Assemblies, Chinda was voted as the most meticulous lawmaker because of his faultless presentations on the floor of the House.

It’s also on record that the Rivers federal lawmaker was the first and only lawmaker who has an embassy House in Abuja called “the Obio/Akpor Embassy” for his constituents

In the embassy, constituents are accommodated free of charge for 3 nights.

A dream which he actualised as a student in Rivers State University where he started the embassy for Ikwerre students.

Early Background:

Born on March 24th, 1966, in Elelenwo, he started his academic pursuit in State School 1 Orogbum from 1972-1978.

Stella Maris College was also in Port Harcourt from 1979-1983.
Rivers State School of Basic Studies Rumuola from 1984-1986.

Rivers State University of Science and Technology from 1987-1994.

Nigerian Law School- Lagos from 1995-1995

He started his law practice as Junior Solicitor at Dr G .I.S. Omowuwa and Co from 1995-1996 ( NYSC). As part of his community service, he anchored a free legal clinic on the radio called “You and the law.” O. K. Chinda and his colleagues offered free legal counsel and did pro-bono cases for indigent persons in Benin City.

He returned home to Rivers State in 1996 and continued his legal practice with the law firm of Chief C.A.W. Chinda & Co. between 1996-1998.

Between 1998-2004, Chinda became a principal partner and managing solicitor of Onyeagbucha, Chinda and associates.
Within that same period, he ventured into active politics and became legal adviser to the Grassroot Democratic Movement (GDM) and the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) in Obio/Akpor Local Government.

From 2005-2007, he became Legal Adviser to the Obio Akpor Local Government Council when his political benefactor (H.E. Chf E.N. Wike) was Chairman.

By 2007, Chinda had a short brake from politics and went back to full-time legal practice as Managing Solicitor of Onyeagbucha, Chinda and Associates.

By 2008, he got involved in politics again and became Commissioner, Rivers State Ministry of Environment.

In 2011, Chinda was elected to the 7th House of Representatives. He was deputy chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Customs. His vibrancy on the floor endeared him to many Nigerians as in most cases he makes his submissions with facts and accurate figures which made most of his motions and bills scale through with ease.

Constituency Development:

In the last 13 years, Chinda has embarked on massive skills acquisition for his constituents across all strata. From youths and women empowerment programs with starter packs to enable them to become master planners of their endeavours.

The ‘I win u win’ program provides JAMB forms and scholarships for outstanding students of Obio/Akpor, including non-indigenes resident in his constituency.

His philosophy about empowerment programs is all about teaching his constituents on how to fish for a living, not to give them fish for immediate consumption.

Chinda is happily married and has three lovely daugthers.

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