Ekiti Bureau of Tourism Devt Launches Pre-Hiking of Okelapa, Ikogosi Ekiti, Africa’s First Plane Crash Site

Fisi Adesoye

In an effort to preserve the historical significance of Africa’s first plane crash site, the Ekiti State Bureau of Tourism Development, in collaboration with Agbo-Veterinary and Environmental Consult and Discover Ekiti Tourism Club, has organized an exciting pre-hiking event at Okelapa, Ikogosi Ekiti today Saturday 13th of April 2024
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The event, which took place today in Ikogosi Ekiti was hosted by Ambassador Wale Ojo-Lanre, the Director-General of the Ekiti State Bureau of Tourism Development and commanded the presence of the Chairman , Iyometa LCDA ,Ogotun,Dr Leye Adeniji ,High Chief Ayo Ademilua , the Asaoye of Ogotun , Dr Babajide Agboola, Barrister Adegboyega Morakinyo ,Executive Secretary ,EKBTD , Mr Peculiar Ekiran ,Special Assistant ,EKBTD ,Mrs Ronke Dahunsi ,Hajia Bolaji Adebayo Tawakalit and a delegation from ALLUVIUM .
According to Amb Wale Ojo- Lanre ,the primary purpose was to call attention to the importance of preserving the remnants of a World War II plane that crash-landed on April 12, 1942, at Okelapa, Ikogosi Ekiti.

During his speech Ambassador , Amb Wale Ojo-Lanre highlighted the historical significance of the crash site. He emphasized the need for international cooperation in preserving this important piece of World War II history.
Ambassador Ojo-Lanre particularly called on the European Union, the United States, Germany, Japan, Britain, and France to contribute their expertise and resources towards safeguarding this unique historical monument.

The pre-tour hiking event attracted a diverse group of participants, including scholars, historians, adventure seekers, and eco-tourism enthusiasts. Participants embarked on a thrilling hike to Oke Balu, the sacred hill where the crash site is located.
The hike provided an opportunity for attendees to appreciate the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape while immersing themselves in the rich history of the area.

The Ekiti State Bureau of Tourism Development, along with its partners, Agbo-Veterinary and Environmental Consult and Discover Ekiti Tourism Club, ensured that all necessary safety measures were in place during the pre-hiking event. Expert guides were on hand to provide information about the crash site and its historical context.

This pre-hiking event is a prelude to the full-scale hiking and preservation project planned for Okelapa, Ikogosi Ekiti. The project aims to create a sustainable eco-tourism site, preserving the heritage of the crash site, and providing educational and recreational opportunities for locals and visitors alike.
The Ekiti State government is committed to working with international partners, organizations, and stakeholders to achieve this goal.

As plans progress, the Ekiti State Bureau of Tourism Development will continue to engage with relevant authorities, historical societies, and preservation organizations to ensure the successful realization of this project. Furthermore, the government welcomes contributions from well-meaning individuals, organizations, and governments to support the preservation efforts.

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About Ekiti State Bureau of Tourism Development:
The Ekiti State Bureau of Tourism Development is dedicated to promoting and preserving the rich cultural heritage and natural resources of Ekiti State. Through strategic partnerships and innovative initiatives, the Bureau seeks to position Ekiti State as a premier destination for heritage tourism.

For media inquiries, please contact: + 2348033490986
Email. wojolanre@ekitistate.gov.ng

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