Osun Passes Bill Against Kidnapping, Ritual Killing

The State of Osun House of Assembly has on Tuesday passed to law the bill prohibiting kidnapping, banditry and ritual killings in the state.

The bill was read for the third time having passed through the debate to correct identified grey areas of bill by the Committee of the whole of the House of Assembly.

The Speaker of the state House of Assembly, RT. Hon. Timothy Owoeye stated that with the passage of the bill, section 364 of the criminal code cap 38 law of Osun which stipulated 10years for kidnappers stand repealed and replaced with death penalty.

Owoeye noted that where the life of the person kidnapped, restrained or seized is lost in the process, the kidnapper(s) is liable on conviction and will be sentenced to death.

The passed bill also started that, “Any person who kidnaps another person by any means or instilling fear or tricks or compel another to do anything against his will commits an offense.

“Where the life of the person kidnapped is lost in the process and the kidnapper is liable on conviction, he or she is to be sentenced to death.

“Not lost in the process, but he is released upon payment of a ransom or performance of a ransom act, the kidnapper is liable on conviction to repay the sum he/she received as ransom and to imprisonment for life and the ransom act shall be reversed.

“Any person who knowingly or willingly allow his premises, building or place belonging to or occupied by him or her and which he has control over to be used for purposes or keeping a kidnapped person, commits an offense and liable on conviction to imprisonment for 15years and such building shall be forfeited to government for public use”.

The Speaker while commending members of the Assembly for their diligence while the passage of the bill lasted.

Owoeye noted that the passed bill will soon be transmitted to the state governor for his assent as soon as administrative processes are completed on the passed bill.

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