CUPP Rejects Buhari’s Planned Of Lifting Lockdown

Opposition coalition (CUPP) has opposed President Mohammodu Buhari plan to lift lockdown without putting in place safety measures to forestall Corona virus mass infection.

CUPP believed that government mismanagement of the economy and palliative are among the reasons that people want to return to their business activities.

The Party warned that more Nigerians will be infected if people are allowed to freely move about without enabling structures to enforce health regulation.

CUPP insisted that Nigeria need a national lockdown not the lifting of the partial lockdown because the infection rate is going out of hand and government lacks capacity to control if lockdown is lifted.

The questions are legion. Hence we reject the planned move to allow people to return to the streets when the level of indiscipline, corruption and desperation to make money is high while capacity for crowd control and relevant institutions are also weak.

CUPP lamented that the government that allowed figures to increase exponentially during partial lockdown cannot keep these numbers down when the lockdown is lifted.

Upon the lifting of the lockdown, people will troop out in large numbers. If some businesses are allowed to open, what will happen to other closed businesses? How can the surge be controlled?

Instead of grandstanding, government should be bold to tell the people its incapacities and admit its failure even during the lockdown and not rely on false optimism to plunge the country into more problems, the party insisted.

We hereby declare that President Buhari’s lifting of the lockdown without complementary action cannot achieve the targeted aim of revamping the economy as the virus will painfully and unfortunately spread again and thereby force the government to shut down again and this time under dire circumstances.


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