Senate President celebrates with Nigerian Youth on International Youth Day

President of the Senate, Ahmad Lawan, has felicitated with the Nigerian Youth on the occasion of the International Youth Day 2020.

In a statement signed by Ola Awoniyi Special Adviser (Media) to President of the Senate, Lawan noted the importance of the Day which was set aside by the United Nations to draw attention to issues concerning the youth at the community, national and global levels.

The Senate President said the youth deserve special attention as a vulnerable group but also as the future of the nation.

“The education, knowledge, technical skills and character of the youth will determine the future conditions and character of the nation. Therefore, government must endeavor to create a system that nurtures the talents of the youth and ensures their robust development as they grow into the leadership of the society,” Lawan said.

He added that government owes the youth an environment that encourages them to unleash their potentials and realise their dreams.

The Senate President said the National Assembly passed the Not Too Young to Run Bill, which President Muhammadu Buhari signed into law in May 2018, to avail the Nigerian Youth the opportunities to fully participate and aspire to any role in politics and governance.

He said he is happy with the way the youth are responding to the opportunities and challenge arising from the new law.

Lawan said the current global health pandemic had made the Youth even more vulnerable because of its havoc on social infrastructure, business and the economy in general.

“It is therefore imperative for us to take extraordinary measures to assuage the effects of the pandemic on the youth, especially as these concern employment and business opportunities.

“It is our responsibility as leaders to help the youth see the windows of opportunities opening in the new world order foisted on us by the COVID-19 pandemic,” Lawan said.

The Senate President assured the Nigerian youth that the National Assembly will always promote legislation that promotes their best interests.

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