Osun Government Warns Against Another Round Of Violence

The Osun State government has earned people of the state against another round of violence, stating that government will not fold its hands while some characters try to experiment with the the lives and livelihood of the people of Osun.

The State Government of Osun is aware of the plot by some unscrupulous elements, teleguided by agents of anarchy, to spark trouble in the state by starting another round of hooliganism tomorrow, Monday 2nd November 2020..

In a statement signed by the commissioner for information Funke Egbemode urged parents, guardians and well-meaning citizens of the state to caution their wards not to allow themselves to be used to satisfy the knavish tricks of these elements who are determined to trouble the state with their misguided actions.

The State of Osun has been through enough crisis in the past weeks and cannot afford another at this time.

Security agencies have been fully briefed to be on the alert and to protect the peace of the state. Let’s not forget what the last round of trouble cost the state.

The government hereby warns that those found joining any gathering that can bring trouble to the state or unsettle citizens will answer fully to the law enforcement agents who are already on the alert.

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