Breaking: Wikki FC Players Involved In Road Accident

Segun Babatunde in Bauchi

The players of Wikki Tourists Football Club of Bauchi State escaped death by the whiskers on Thursday morning as the bus conveying them to Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom State, for a match fixture, was involved in an accident.

Secretary of the club, Mallam Abdullahi Ibrahim, the Marafan Ciroman Bauchi who confirmed the incident to newsmen in a telephone interview disclosed that the accident occurred at Hawan Kibo, Plateau State as the team was on its way for a match fixture with Dakada United of Akwa Ibom this Saturday at Uyo.

According to him,” Yes one of the tyres of the bus burst and the vehicle was engulfed by fire. Fortunately the vehicle did not somersault and all the players and other occupants were able to escape through the windows of the bus. No one was hurt but the players and the occupants are in shock”..

He explained that the bus left Bauchi at about 4: 00 am today (Thursday) and was moving smoothly before the accident,saying that the kits of all their players and other belonging and other officials were burnt completely to ashes.

“Thank God no one is hurt but the players are in the shock because they all escaped out of the windows of bus but all their match kits, jerseys, boots were burnt to ashes.

“They are still at the scene of the accident waiting for help. We haves spoken with Plateau United to assist us with a bus to convey our players home him because they are in shock”,the Marafan Ciroman Bauichi said.

The Secretary of the club said he did not know whether the scheduled match with Dakada will be postponed or not saying he is in communication with Abuja for further action.

“The match was to be played this Saturday and was supposed to be a live match but now with this accident we don’t know,” he said.

“We don’t know for now because even if they are to play the match, will they play barefooted?

“There was nothing that was removed from the bus. We have to ascertain the loss but all their bags, items, kits , jerseys were all burnt. They items are usually gathered at one corner in the buss whenever they are travelling,” he said.

Ibrahim said that also in the bus were team officials, the team doctor, “we are now coordinating with our sister team Plateau United to come with a bus.

Our correspondent reports that help is being awaited at the time of filing this report. END

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