MSSN Urges Security Agencies To Probe Perpetrators Of False Allegations Against Pantami

Segun Babatunde in Bauchi

The Muslim Students Society of Nigeria(MSSN), Bauchi Chapter has described the desperation of some ill-minded elements who in their desperate attempt to smear the image of the Minister of Communication and Digital Economy, Sheikh Dr Isah Ali Pantami as a gang rape on the hard-earned reputation of the Minister who is competent, hard-working and has a fast-rising personality.

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday at the NUJ Press Center in Bauchi, the Quiz and Essay Competition Coordinator of the organization, Dr Adamu Muhammad Hamid said that those calling for his resignation or sack, have no basis for their calls as they are saboteurs, miscreants and enemies of progress of the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

He said that it was unfortunate that some evil minds and the media from a section of the country are collaborating to bring the Minister down, calling on the security agencies to invite the perpetrators of the campaigns for further interrogations on the matter, so that justice will be served to all.

According to the Coordinator, “The ill-minded elements went further to link the Honourable Minister with the death of the late Executive Governor of Kaduna state, Mr Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa. How could this happen? Alas! God is never asleep, the Kaduna state chapter of CAN swiftly discarded the allegation and distanced itself from it, which is an act of honesty and patriotism. Further, they resorted to quoting his comments of fifteen to twenty years back, trying to quote his statement out of context. They even shared some videos where he defeated Boko Haram founder in a hot debate which lasted for more than three hours.They did this to bring the Minister down for obvious reasons, this shows how impulsive and desperate they are damage the image of Dr pantami”

“One will wonder what these blind-folded campaigners want to achieve.What benefit will they get by tarnishing the image of this hardworking and patriotic citizens.What will they gain by sneering a person who works tirelessly to make the country a better place for us all.This is a person who has put his one and only life on the line to accept a scholarly debate challenge from the founder of Boko Haram, when all the Isalmic scholars in the country have rejected that, with exception of Imam Dr Idris Abdul-Aziz.He did it and won the debate tacitly” he said

The Coordinator said that Dr Pantami when at the helm of affairs in NITDA, executed many beneficial projects across the country, which include ICT centers in many learning institutions and the establishment of skill acquisition centers, adding that he gave directives that all registered SIM cards should be linked with subscribed National Identification number and blocked all unregistered mobile SIM cards, which according to him, is a giant effort in curtailing many forms of crime such as cyber-crime, kidnapping, banditry and other nefarious activities.

He said that the theoretical lines of reasoning as possible reasons behind the smear campaigns on the Minister of communications and Digital Economy, is due largely to his unparalleled and unprecedented performance as Director and Minister within a short period of time which can possibly qualify him for nomination for contest for presidency, alledging that some politicians feel that he could be a threat to them, so they decided to manufacture a blackmail and smear campaign to destroy such a chance.

Dr Adamu added that there is also a line of thinking that because of his fast-sweeping and radical policies to transform the nation’s communication and telecoms section, adapting to global competitive and best practice, he stepped on some untouchable toes, thereby paying the price of defending himself against all the allegations leveled against him. END

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