Mins of Comm. Perm Sec Engr. Daudu Bows Out of Federal Service

By Sarauniya Usman,Abuja

Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Communications & Digital Economy, Engr. Festus Yusuf Daudu,takes a bow out of Federal service.

Daudu who will turn 60years on Sunday 2nd May, 2021; being the mandatory age of retirement from the Civil Service has formally handed over to the most senior Director, Dr (Mrs) Nonye Nwachukwu in an acting capacity as the Permanent Secretary pending when a substantive Perm Sec will be posted.

According to a statement signed by the Head,Press & Public Relations,Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy,Phil Abiamuwe-Mowete,the out going Perm Sec urged the management to imbibe the spirit of teamwork in their operations and build institutional capacity that can stand the test of time.

In his remarks He added, ” if you refuse to teach your subordinates, remember that one day you will leave the service either voluntarily or forced out by the rules or circumstances beyond your control will determine your exit”.

He urged the management team to leave good legacy by building sustainable capacity that will make history to remember them for good.

He said “do not build institution around personalities and personal needs because if you do, when you leave the service, you will leave with your ideas and whatever you think you know, will go with you, but if you teach others; transfer ideas, you would be building institutional memory, and long after you must have left, the institution will remain.

He said, ” Often, I tried to keep you on your toes, my intention for that is to build capacity because no one is an island of knowledge”.

Daudu, before signing the Hand-Over Note, stated that by the Civil Service Rules, it was incumbent on him to hand over to the most senior Director in the Ministry who will over see the affairs of the Ministry.

He retierated that the right thing should be done at all times, while advising the Management to extend the same cooperation he enjoyed from them during his tenure to the Ag. Perm Sec.

He urged the management that as core Civil Servants, they should be non- partisan (apolitical) in their dealings and avoid the attitude of politicans who will always build institutions around personalities and along personal gains rather than building on institutional memory.

He asked the management for forgiveness if he had offended any of them in the course of correcting them on the line of duty.

Speaking further, the outgoing Perm Sec charged them to always put Nigeria first in their dealings, as he puts it “Nigeria is our country and the onus is on you and I to build our Country”. No one will build it for us; always preach positive gospel about Nigeria anywhere you go.

He enjoined them to imbibe the spirit of unity of purpose and uphold the spirit of teamwork at the work place.

He encouraged them to do their work with atmost honesty, cautioning them to always avoid gratification before carrying out any duty especially to their fellow Civil Servants and to any body
who comes their way on the course of duty.

He reminded them of the astronomical rate at which technology is evolving and therefore urged them to take the advantage and develop themselves along the technology line for recognition and growth in order to avoid being left behind.

In his valedictory speech, the retiring PS said “I thank you all for the cooperation I received from you in my brief stay here, I want you to know that together in oneness you can move mountain and that any individualistic attitude towards official matters will not help the system.

He wished everyone well even as he prayed that God will surely help them to have successful career as well as retire from service in perfect health of mind and body.


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