Residents happy over gradual completion of Abuja-Gwagwalada-Lokoja road

Residents of Gwagwalada in the FCT, Abuja have expressed joy over the gradual completion of construction of a section of Abuja-Gwagwalada-Lokoja road, which was a nightmare to them and other road users.

The expressway is the major road that links the Eastern and Southern States with the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and other Northern States.

The two lanes of the Abuja-Gwagwalada-Lokoja Expressway were merged into one lane to pave way for the construction of the one kilometre portion of the road in Gwagwalada town.

Motorists, commuters and residents of Gwagwalada have groaned in pains over the traffic gridlock on the road emanated due to the construction activity.

The construction of the road, which starts from the popular SDP Junction and terminates at Sidi -Ali Plaza, Gwagwalada, is being undertaken by Dantata and Sawoe Construction Company.

Mr Thomson Emmanuel, a resident of Bassa in Gwagwalada, said that the road construction had caused lots of problems including robbery cases and accidents, where many sustained injuries and others lost their lives.

“The road construction has led to the death of many and there have been robbery cases. I am grateful that the road construction is coming to an end as the road has been tarred,” he said.

Another resident, Mrs Onyebuchi Franca, who is a teacher, said since the road construction began she trekked from her residence in Dagiri to a long-distance before taking a bike to her school.

According to her, the gridlock that occurs makes it difficult for motorbikes to ply on the road and for this, she rather treks than stay in the traffic jam.

“I am happy that the road construction will be completed soon so that everyone can go back to the normal way of life,” she said.

Mrs Chinwe Eze, a resident of Dagiri, said that she trekked from her house to her store that was located close to SDP Junction as the road was being constructed.

She said that she did not have any other option than to trek because of the gridlock that could last two hours coupled with the high cost of transportation.

Similarly, Mr Prince Cyrus, a store owner in Gwagwalada, said that it had been very stressful for him but it’s getting better as the road had been tarred.

He further stated that the gridlock had helped some hawkers made profits as motorists spent at least two hours in traffic.

He also thanked the security agencies for their efforts in ensuring that motorists were properly directed and coordinated.

Speaking with a representative of the construction company, Mr Daniel Simon, stated that the road would be completed before the end of May.

“The road is at its finishing point and will be completed and opened in two weeks.

“We have been asked to speed up the construction because of the gridlock that happens regularly on the road.

“So this is not 100 per cent completion as some many things have not been done such as the construction of drainages and provision road demarcations,” he said.

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