Bauchi CAN Chairman Assures Of Christians readiness for COVID-19 vaccination

From Segun Babatunde in Bauchi

Chairman of Bauchi State Chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Rev Abraham Damina Dimeus has assured the state government that as long as the COVID-19 vaccines will be made available, Christians in the state will subject themselves to taking the vaccines.

The assurance was given by the CAN Chairman on Sunday when he led other Christians to take the first jab of the second phase of the AstraZeneca vaccine at the Bishara Baptist Church premises stressing that the vaccination is very important.

Damina Dimeus said that, “there was an erroneous misconception that Christians in Bauchi state were not ready to take the vaccination. That was a dangerous insinuation, Christians are obedient people and are always ready to obey constituted authorities”.

He added that, “as you can see, we as leaders of CAN have mobilized our members to come out to take the vaccination. Last week, a team was at All Saints Methodist Church during the revival program of the state chapter of the Christian Council of Nigeria (CCN) and today, we are here in Bishara Baptist church”.

He explained that, “yes, there was initial apathy by the people because there was no proper education but, now that the people have been well educated and informed about the exercise, you can see them trooping out to be vaccinated”.

He said that, “the vaccine is not harmful, many people have taken it and they did not die, why then should Christians be afraid to take it. We have done enough mobilization and our people are ready to take it because God has commanded us so to do”.

The CAN Chairman expressed satisfaction with the turnout of people assuring that whatever number of vaccine allocated for the exercise will be exhausted because according to him, “our people are ready for the vaccination”.

He also called on people generally to embrace the vaccination stressing that prevention is far better than looking for cure after infection because according to him, “the vaccination is free for now, I am very sure that in the nearest future, people will not get it even with their money. It is better to take it now”.

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