Group alleges Afe Babalola of murderous act

……petitions UN, AU, FG

A group made of foreign-based corporate entities, countries, transnational corporations, representatives of foreign interest in Nigeria, under the aegis of ‘ Afe Babalola is killing our business ‘ has petitioned the United Nations, African Union, Federal Government of Nigeria and International Tribunal alleging that Chief Afe Babalola, foremost Nigerian legal icon is leveraging on his patriotic zeal and agrarian passion for the development of Nigeria and Ekiti State in particular at extinguishing and destroying their chains of businesses.

In a release signed by Wale Ojo- Lanre
Corporate Affairs Director, Saboteurs Foreigners Affairs Interest in Nigeria, the group pointed out that, though they still hold high the personality and professional competence of Chief Afe Babalola, as first-class and foremost legal luminary in Africa but regretted that the Founder of ABUAD is daily working against their interest and suffocating every line of their business ventures in Nigeria.

They alleged that Chief Afe Babalola is truculent, ruthless, merciless and has no consideration for their business progression but blindly seeking how Nigeria, Ekiti State and Nigerians could be well off at their own expense.

They pointed out that if Aare Afe Babalola is not cautioned, stopped, halted, curtailed, compressed and completely slowed down he may end up extinguishing, annihilating, eliminating, terminating and obliterating their source of livelihood on the platter of national interest of Nigeria and Nigerians.

The petition, signed, stamped and sealed by their Corporate Affairs Director. Wale Ojo – Lanre cited various, acts, and deeds which Are Afe Babalola has deliberately gone for the jugular of their businesses
They revealed that the first murderous action which Chief Afe Babalola conceived and perpetrated against their interest was the establishment of a private University in Ado Ekiti called Afe Babalola University, Ado Ekiti., ABUAD.

They cited the establishment of ABUAD as a wicked, deliberate and calculated murderous act to checkmate ‘ our age-long exploitation of Nigerians parents who believed that standard and excellent educational institution can only be obtained in our various mushroom Universities which we planted in the UK, US, France, Europe and the Middle East ‘
Yes, it was a murderous act. And we shall never forgive him.

We don’t even mind anybody establishing any private University, we don’t mind
But for Aare Afe Babalola to have established a classical and first-class University whose standard surpasses the ones we established in the UK, US, Europe and the Far East, is a murderous act.

Do you know that since Afe Babalola University commenced academic sessions and admission, our fortunes have nosedived? it has reduced the scrambling for admission into our Universities planted outside Nigerians.?

We found out that many Nigerians who hitherto carried millions of Naira in a capital flight manner to pay for their children’s school fees outside Nigeria has reduced considerably.

We also found out that this act of his has also prevented millions of naira in capital flight out of Nigeria to our countries
For, they now realised that ABUAD offers optimum educational services better than the ones obtained in our so-called Ivy League institutions.

They now realised that what they are looking for in the far land of Europe, the US, the UK, France, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Middle East is obtainable in the most excellent form in -Ado Ekiti!
Hence, admission to some of our universities have reduced considerably and our finances are in shambles and you think this is not a murderous act? The group asked.

As if that is not enough, the group alleged that just yesterday, Aare Afe Babalola has stabbed the only living spirit left in our surviving strategic soul.

It claimed that ” After we realised the if Aare Afe Babalola has gripped our jugular and shut us out from making humongous revenue from educational services and bogus admission from Nigeria, we now diverted our business vision into the medical sector. We established Hospitals in India, South Africa, the UK, London, Jordan, Germany which specialise in Kidney transplantation
We know that Nigerians are susceptible to kidney challenges due to their carefree lifestyle and lack of proper dietary guidelines.
Behold! It was a goldmine as reports from some of these hospitals revealed that the majority of our clients are Nigerians and they paid in dollars as we charge in dollars ‘
We know it beforehand because no single hospital in Nigeria has the necessary sophisticated equipment and facilities needed for such a delicate operation.
We also thought that it will take many years before Nigerians could have access to a first-class hospital where kidney transplants could be successfully done under the internationally acceptable surgical environment with the latest equipment ‘. ‘

The group said that they were alarmed and hypertensive learning, hearing and receiving reports that the same Aare Afe Babalola has also established a first-class Medical Multiplex, best in Africa and comparable only to John Hopkins University Hospital, Baltimore in Ado Ekiti where kidney transplant has been successfully carried out under the best and latest facilities and equipment and under the supervise if a world best surgeon who is also a Nigerian!’

This latest act of his, the group asserted ‘ is more than a murderous act but a deliberate nihilistic step aimed at not only truncating the mindless flight of capital from. Nigeria by Nigerians to our countries in search of medical tourism, but sooner or later, those who still patronize our hospitals from others. African countries will not divert their medical tourism passion to Nigeria and to that town Ado – Ekiti”.Can’t you see that Chief Afe Is not only bad but want us dead’?

Hence, we are appealing to the United Nations, the Africa Union and you members of the public to stop Chief Afe Babalola from doing these beneficial programmes and projects which are of tremendous benefits to Nigerians and Nigeria.

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