Federal Character Commission Commends NIHOTOUR DG, Kangiwa For Equitable Training Programs Across The Country

From Segun Babatunde in Bauchi

Members of the Federal Character Commission (FCC) visiting the National Institute for Hospital and Tourism (NIHOTOUR) at its headquarters in Abuja have commended efforts of the Director General of the Institute, Alhaji Nura Sani Kangiwa at ensuring equitable spread of the Institute’s programs and activities in the six geo-political zones of the country.

They urged him to consider further spread of its 2022 programs across the states of the federation.

The Commission’s delegation led by the Hon Member of the Commission and Deputy Chairman of the Committee, Professor Imuetiyan Festus, noted that efforts of the Institute in the fair distribution of its programs and activities in the areas of training and youth empowerments in the 2021 budget are quite laudable.

Kangiwa had earlier informed members of the Commission on oversight visit at the headquarters of the Institute that the Institute took cognizant of the need to equitably spread its programs and activities across the six geo-political zones, adding that this explains the presence of the Institute’s training Campuses in the zones and some additional campuses in some of the zones to meet up with high demands of its training services in travel tourism and hospitality sector of the zones.

The Director General said the activities of the Federal Character Commission in oversighting the fair and equitable distribution of government programs, projects and activities by MDAs that impact positively on the lives of the Nigerian citizens are quite commendable for the sake of achieving equal representation and share of government’s presence across the country.

He said the Institute has taken note of observations and appeal made by some members of the Commission of having NIHOTOUR’s training programs delivered to their states in the 2022 appropriations.

Honourable members of the Federal Character Commission, led by Head of the Delegation, Professor Imuetiyan Festus were at NIHOOTUR Head office to oversight on activities of the Institute on equitable and fair distribution of its skill acquisition and training services to Nigerian youths and women in the efforts to curb unemployment through job creation in the travel tourism and hospitality industry of the country.

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