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** The sit at home debacle in the southeast has taken a new shape, going from mere agitation response to full-scale urban warfare. Chief Emmanuel iwuayanwu, Ohanaeze president, stated that he would mobilize the governors , legislators, past and present, including notable sons and daughters of igboland to visit President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to discuss solutions to the issues.., . The top of the agenda is the release of Nnamdi kalu from prison.

** it’s a full week of back to back industry conclaves from Ekiti to Abuja. Nigeria Tour Operators Association Annual General Meeting takes place in Ekiti this weekend, with the state governor, Mr. oyebanji, on the podium as key speaker. Next week Thursday, all roads lead to Abuja, where industry big wigs in tourism and related enterprises will dress down to listen to governor umo Eno of Akwa Ibom state who is expected to unveil his tourism promotion masterplan for the state at the occasion.

** Do you know that Nigeria’s top industry association leaders are all from Akwa Ibom state? Federation of Tourism Associations of Nigeria, President Mr Nkereweum Onung is from Akwa Ibom, National Association of Nigeria Travel Agencies ( Nanta) President, MRS SUSAN AKPORIAYE is from Akwa Ibom and Mrs Ime udo of Nigeria Tour Operators Association, is also daughter of the soil. So what is the connection? We shall tell you soon how these Nigerians have evolved strong leadership narratives in the tourism sector in Nigeria. On Thursday next week, we expect the governor, Akwa Ibom state to make a strong statement on the matter.

*** The month of August will herald the avalanche of new yam festivals across the eastern region of Nigeria. Already, signs of new yam in lagos markets have elicited excitements among New yam lovers, but the prices are not friendly at all. All the same, lagosians are bracing to have a taste of Yam.. I can smell yam and beans porridge from Bunmi’ s kitchen.

** Angolan National Carrier, known as Transportes Aereos Angolanos, is set to up competition with the expected arrival and deployment of new Airbus Aircrafts to replace some ageing variants of Boeing 737 700 in its fleet. Taag Angola, possibly Africa’s oldest state owned airline, founded in 1838, also rolled out six new leisure destinations in Africa to help promote Intra African tourism opportunities. The airline General Manager in Nigeria, Mrs Gloria Atumu, disclosed to travel trade professionals on Friday last week that the airline will sustain its reputation as a reliable carrier and assured that group tour offerings will attract special considerations for trade professionals.. The six new holiday destinations, which the airline, will dedicate special flight connectivity from its hub in launda, capital of Angola are Cape Town, johanesbourg, Maputo, Sao Tome and Principe, Point noire in Brazzaville, and windhoek, Namibia.

** Is lagos sinking? A recent viral report revealed that the state of aquatic splendour may go down beneath the waters in about 25 years from now if unbridled resources exploitation, particularly massive dreadin for reclamation for new estates is not kept on hold. There’s also a serious threat to the environment through bore holes drilling for fresh water beneath the earth, which may collapse structures in the state. Already, flooding is now the face of the city at the slightest rain drop.

Tiny Island of Seychelles has slammed no entry ban on Nigeria. Details are still sketchy but have reinforced the need for Nigeria to look inwards in its desire to have a recreation and vacation blueprint. Dubai, now Seychelles, which country next will throw brick bats against Nigerian passport? Another poser is why must the sin of few bad eggs be visited on millions who have no hand in whatever misdemeanours are so alleged about Nigeria and Nigerians. In Nigeria, we have citizens of other countries who have committed greater infractions, yet Nigeria is never quick to call to question the nations of such citizens. Something must be wrong somewhere, envy, fear of domination, politics, or foreign antics or intent to intimidate Nigeria and give it bad name?

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