Professor Moruff Ademola Adeleke Osogbo commissioner, Epitome of simplicity and humility.

Arrogance makes your success short lived and prevents you from learning as it makes you believe, if there is anyone who knows and can do the best, it is you and no one else.

Professor Moruff Ademola Adeleke is by no means unpretentious man, he is not proud and does not believe he is better than other people despite been a professor. An holder of university academic highest rank. It takes ten to fifteen years to become a professor reason why many professors are hostile they view themselves more knowledgeable than others.

Ever since his name has been announced as the commisioner representing osogbo local government, he has embarked on visitation/ familiarity tours to virtually all the compounds in osogbo, political leaders, chiefs and party members.

He received a warm welcome at every visit because people were taken by surprise seeing professor whom they’ve known for long as an academician speaking undiluted youruba dialect among the natives. He takes questions and give rewarding answers because of his native intellectual ability.

People’s believe is politicians only come to you when they are seeking for votes , you hardly see them after winning. But to them Professor is a unique person he’s not seeking for votes he has been appointed as the commisioner yet he still counts his people worthy.

At every visit, Prof received great attestation, he will always meet with parents of students and many students he has helped secured an admission to Obafemi Awolowo University. Not only admission, he has equally helped those students morally and financially these are testimonies at every visit and many which Prof himself has forgotten. Good deeds never die .

A friend of mine who is now an international lawyer called me when he read about Prof’ nomination as commisioner.on my timeline. He said this is the man he was directed to when he was seeking admission at OAU. He said when he got to OAU Ile Ife, Professor Moruff Ademola Adeleke was not on campus but Prof told him to put the file containing his results and other documents into his office through the opening at the lower end of the door.

He said he had to make extra photocopies of his documents should incase those ones he submitted to Prof got missing. But to his surprise that was the only attempt that fetched him an admission that year.

Professor Moruff Ademola Adeleke has submitted himself to the task ahead he is fully ready and prepared for the humanities service before him

May governor Ademola Adeleke succeed
May Professor Moruff Ademola Adeleke succeed.

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