Jungle Justice: Need To Criminalize It

By Ayo Akinuli

Jungle justice, also known as mob justice, is a grave issue that demands immediate attention and criminalization in Nigeria.

The practice involves individuals taking the law into their hands, bypassing the legal system, and resorting to violent acts against alleged offenders. Here are compelling reasons why jungle justice must be criminalized:

First, the Rule of Law: Jungle justice undermines the rule of law, which is fundamental to a just and orderly society. It erodes trust in the legal system and fosters a culture of vigilantism, leading to anarchy and a breakdown of societal order.

Second, Lack of Due Process: Mob justice denies individuals the right to a fair trial, denying them the opportunity to present evidence, defend themselves, or benefit from legal protections. Innocent people may become victims of false accusations, without any chance to prove their innocence.

Third, Human Rights Violations: Jungle justice often involves severe acts of violence, torture, and even extrajudicial killings. This flagrantly violates the human rights and dignity of individuals, regardless of their alleged crimes. No one should be subjected to such brutal treatment without proper legal proceedings.

Fourth, Mistaken Identity and False Accusations: The absence of a proper legal process increases the likelihood of mistaken identity and false accusations. Mob mentality can lead to hasty judgments and the targeting of innocent individuals based on mere suspicion or hearsay.

Fifth, Impunity and Escalation of Violence: When mob justice goes unpunished, it encourages a culture of impunity, where individuals believe they can take the law into their own hands without consequence. This can result in an escalation of violence, as mobs may grow more emboldened and resort to increasingly brutal acts.

Sixth, Inadequate Rehabilitation and Restorative Justice: Jungle justice denies offenders the opportunity for rehabilitation, reintegration into society, and restitution for their actions. It perpetuates a cycle of violence rather than offering a chance for restoration and transformation through appropriate legal processes.

Seventh, Strengthening the Legal System: Criminalizing jungle justice reinforces the importance and effectiveness of the legal system. It underscores the need for law enforcement agencies to investigate crimes, gather evidence, and ensure that justice is served through lawful means. This helps build public trust in the judiciary and fosters a sense of security for all citizens.

By criminalizing jungle justice, Nigeria can affirm its commitment to the rule of law, protect human rights, and establish a more just and equitable society. It is also vital to educate the public about the dangers and consequences of mob justice while promoting legal avenues for resolving conflicts and ensuring justice for all.

Ayo Akinuli wrote from Ibadan,Oyo state.

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