Culture Minister, Musawa pledges to boost nation’s IGR through innovative strategies

Hannatu Musawa, Honourable Minister of Culture and Creative Economy has promised to boost nation’s Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) through developing innovative strategies in the arts and culture industry.

Musawa made the pledge during a meeting with Hon. Oluwabunmi Amao, Director-General, Centre for Black and African Arts and Civilisation (CBAAC), in Abuja on Wednesday.

The Minister in a statement said the arts and culture industries would be improved on and brought to an era of unparalleled growth and creativity.

Musawa complimented Amao’s efforts and achievements at CBAAC while sharing her personal connection to the Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC), underscoring its influence on her identity as a proud black individual.

She proposed the revival of FESTAC to foster global black unity.

The Minister conveyed her anticipation for future collaborations with CBAAC as it was an agency dear to her heart.

She also promised to find a lasting resolution to the challenges highlighted by the Director-General. 

Earlier, Amao presented an overview of CBAAC’s significance as a Pan African heritage centre that houses all the core collections, artefacts and rare cultural items displayed by the 59 Black and African countries and communities that participated at FESTAC”77. 

She further explained that CBAAC as a core cultural agency had played key roles in making Nigeria the arrowhead in the preservation and promotion of African cultural heritage.

She said this was done with a vision and mission to promote public interest in the understanding and appreciation of black and african arts and cultures. 

Amao emphasised CBAAC’s international collaborations, achievements, programmes and events, including the commemoration of FESTAC @ 45 in 2022.

She informed the minister on the commissioning of the Black and African Hall of Fame in 2021, several trainings and workshops organised on deploying arts and culture as tools for poverty alleviation, Public lectures and symposia.

She stated that the centre had the challenge of financial limitations to execute more projects and many more challenges.

The Minister and the DG agreed that different strategies should be explored to showcase the rich cultural heritage of Africa through exhibitions, festivals, and digital platforms, thereby enhancing global recognition and appreciation.

On a final note, the meeting laid the foundation for collaborative efforts between the government and the Arts and Culture sector, with the shared goal of promoting innovation, preserving cultural heritage.

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